High Expectations For Guardian Heroes HD

When I first heard of this unique 2D side-scrolling in 1996. I decided to give it a try and that game automatically became one of the best games I've played at that particular time. Guardian Heroes was unique in many ways from their robust story mode, couch co-op and versus; all the way to their masterful soundtrack and strong personality in both the environments and anime-esque art style. However, even though this game was way ahead of its time, the fact that it was made on the ill-fated Saturn (with it's pricey games, and poor marketing) guaranteed that this gem wouldn't get the attention that it deserved.

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Thesonygeniuses3140d ago

This sounds like an interesting game!

thats_just_prime3140d ago

I love that game back in the day. Use to play it with my friends all the time we have a blast seeing how long we could juggle the emenies in the air. Oh and for those that never played the game the bodies dont disapear till the hit the ground so you can keep getting exp off them long after they are dead lol

TastyTreats3140d ago

I actually never played this game before but i mite check it out.

TastyTreats3140d ago

Hell yea! not that crap that they came out with a couple years ago.

bangoskank3140d ago

Awesome game at the time but could see myself getting bored with it quickly. Although there were multiple paths and a plethora of characters to choose from the gameplay didn't hold my interest after I beat it several times.