TechDay review: Virtua Tennis 4

Hot on the heels of 2K's Top Spin 4, SEGA serves up its contender for the tennis-game grand-slam title. Damian Seeto's played both exhaustively, and he offers his considered opinion on which is the superior title right here.

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quiddd3136d ago

" you won’t see any long unrealistic rallies like in Top Spin 4."

Clearly hasn't seen a tennis match.

jbl3163135d ago

Must have worded it wrong lol. I should have said "long and unrealistic rallies" as in there is no sprint button in Virtua Tennis 4. In Top Spin 4 me and my brother use the sprint button all day and our rallies are long (like over 20 shots) almost every point!

mcstorm3136d ago

Imo vt4 is the better of the two game. I like the way it has gone back to the original vt games were fun to play and gave enough for both core and none core. All though I am a big fam of 2k sports game I decided to go for vt as for me it seemed to offer me more than Ts did and I think this is because the original vt developers have done vt4. I got the 360 version as this is my main console and I have to say even though you only move back and forward in the kinect party mode of the game I think this also work very well in what vt is all about being a fun game to play. And I like te new single player mode in were you have to plan out your moves in a board game type of way. I know people will like Ts over vt but I think for what I expect from a vt game this one is back to its best.