The name of Bungie's next game accidentally revealed?

During the Activision/Blizzard conference, Bungie's mysterious new game was mentioned - and Activision may have accidentally leaked the game's name: Bungie Universe.

This would fit the game, as Bungie has a website called Bungie Aerospace with a Latin motto “Per Audacia Ad Astra”, which means “Boldly Going to the Stars”. Bungie Universe would certainly encompass the idea of stellar exploration.

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rockleex3689d ago

They might as well add:

"Where no man has gone before"


blumatt3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

The game sounds cool. I kinda hope it's a space exploration game. And not just another shooter. There can be shooting, but hopefully exploring too. (ala Uncharted) Except in space!

If this is true, it will be my second most anticipated space game. My most anticipated is Starhawk.

kyl2773688d ago

Where is the exploring in uncharted? I don't believe collectables and the fact it's entirely linear (which isn't a bad thing) means it has exploration.

rockleex3687d ago

There's a lot of exploring in Uncharted.

Although there are times where its linear and you know exactly where to go, there are other times where you have to REALLY explore the area in order to figure out how to advance.

ryan_s3688d ago

lol there is no such thing is accidentally revealed

xAlmostPro3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

If the name and latin translations are anything to go by it sounds like a starhawk rip off lmao

unless they make a single player only game of course although it doesn't suprise my that they're heading for another spacey type game

shovelface883688d ago

So any game pertaining to the stars is Starhawk now? Stop trolling, fanboy.

RBLAZE19883688d ago

Hopefully it isn't true cause "Bungie Universe" is a really stupid name for a game.

xxBiG_BoSSxx3688d ago

true. my guess is its just a working title. almost certainly will be renamed prior to launch.

RBLAZE19883688d ago

let's hope that it does...Who knows though I wouldn't put it passed activision to try and whore out the famous Bungie name like that to try and get as much gamers playing this game based on name alone like they did with the call of duty series.

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Foxgod3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Sounds like a project name to me, and not a final name.
Maybe Bungies next game will be a space shooter with rpg elements.

Maybe like Rage, in space.

goku323593689d ago

Dude, I would so love that! come on Bungie, make it happen!

jakethesnake3688d ago

Definitely just a project name. It sounds pretty terrible for an actual final game name.

Ghoul3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

keep one thing in mind with project names.

they are chosen carefully aimed to NOT unveil any hint at what they are working on. i work on many secret projects and none of them had a project codename that reflects what the game/software/project was about.

but this is a placed guerillia campaign to generate buzz and bungie is commited to the space design setting (al artists are working on this setting for many years couse of halo)

well well we will see :)


Hazmat133688d ago

*looks at ghoul* ahh! what the fuck are you?!?

awiseman3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

You mean like Mass Effect? But online thats awesome!

pixelsword3688d ago

Isn't everything in space? ;)

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MintBerryCrunch3689d ago

MMO...why not...they got Blizzard right next door to help

KingDustero3689d ago

The issue is will their fans be willing to pay $15+ a month to play it? I sure won't.

xtremexx3688d ago

could be like guild wars, buy the cd and play for free. hopefully. that rhymed.

KingDustero3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

@ above

One word, Activision. I HIGHLY doubt a new MMO run by them will be free to play.

DeadlyFire3688d ago

Nah it will be Microtransaction based. Free to play $60 or more to have actual armor+suitable weapons in gameplay.

Rikan3689d ago

Bungie may release a Multi-platform online experience that rivals it's old baby, Halo. I wonder if they can develop another IP that lives up to Halo...It'll be a real test of their talent. Or perhaps they'll forever be compared/known for Halo. For the sake of gaming/gamers, I hope this is not the case...

dgroundwater3688d ago

I hope this type of mentality just goes away. I'd like another good Bungie game, but should it really have to be compared to Halo for no apparent reason?

Rikan3688d ago

No apparent reason? Do you read? I simply made a comparison that will be made in every review of Bungie's new game. Of course it will be compared to Halo, you'd be an idiot to think otherwise. I swear if your not arguing like kids about which console is better, there is no conversation period. Sad.

Zydake3688d ago

I Hope and just hope if Bungie sees PS3 success with steam they maybe can pull off some cross integration with the PSN and Live. But I know that wont happen....

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