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If you’ve played any of the previous Motorstorm titles, then you’ll be instantly comfortable with the controls. They take a little getting used to, as they’re both drifty and stable, a somewhat odd middle ground to handle. Once players figure out the mechanics, they should be more than happy with the overall feel of the game.

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earbus3132d ago

Ooops played the first and second game just was average, quantum redshift is still the fastest racing game i ever played,on hard was like wipeout but better.

Greywulf3132d ago

The review:

If you like Motorstorm, You'll like this game. If you don't like motorstorm, and haven't bothered trying any of the 3 other games, then you wont.

Great read!

colonel1793132d ago

I just bought the game and in no way is 6.5! It's at least an 8.0
What I find very wrong about Motorstorm games is that the AI is very cheap, especially in Apocalypse. It is as if you can't go ahead of the other cars until the last lap, and even then it might seem impossible because the prefer to crash you that to win themselves.

If only they fixed that and give the player more control over the race, so it takes 100% ability to win and not luck, the game would be perfect for me. I usually don't like racing games of any kind, but I love Motorstorm series

Now, I wish Evolution could move on to another IP, maybe they should do their own version of Waverace 64. I would love a game like that from them.

guitarded773132d ago

Don't worry, they just want hits. Game-on.

badz1493132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I won't say that the AI are cheap though. I label them as brutal but I've only played halfway and just finished the rookie part and can't say much about the hardest level but so far, it's no harder than Pacific Rift. in PR, Ai level 7 and 8 are totally insane! I play them both now but 2 is definitely more brutal than 3 but love them both nonetheless!

I don't think this series is depending too much on luck to win. you need skills and manage your boost efficiently in order to win! this is in no way Mario Kart where you can be 1st the 1st lap but suddenly way down the pack a lap later due to being shot at the back.

loving it so much so far and this review is dope!

"Unfortunately, the story is really stupid." ooohh...we really need a good story for an arcade racer! /s

"nothing fancy compared to split/second"? - like seriously?

cheetah3132d ago

Just wait until you can get online. Game has been out in Australia for nearly 2 months and is amazingly addictive against human opponents.

I know what you mean about the cheap AI, that is my only gripe with the best arcade racer this gen..imo.

Neo Nugget3132d ago

Well, I've been loving it so far. Can't wait to play online.

blackburn103132d ago

Been playing it. Not a 6.5. Not even close. i guess i am just going to have to ignore these reviews just like i did with MS:PF.

Roonie3132d ago

Same score they gave to GT5 LOL!

Anyways there are far more games out there that deserves 6.5 but got fukin 9's soley because of their name and hype(COD and the such)motorstorm AC is definitly not one of them I know cause I have the game its a solid 8/10.

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