Speculation: Alan Wake 2 Better with Kinect?

From the article at When we here at read about the news that Alan Wake 2 is probably a fact we immediately had to think back on an article we wrote quite a while back. It considered a job listing by Remedy in which they were looking for a programmer with motion-control technology experience to work on an Alan Wake engine powered game.

So we have two facts:

Alan Wake 2 is most probably coming
Remedy was looking for a programmer to work on Alan Wake engine game that would involve motion-control technology

It doesn’t take much computation power to deduct that Alan Wake 2 will probably be compatible with Kinect, and since Kinect rocks, should be labeled as “Better with Kinect“!

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NukaCola3138d ago


This is spelling disaster on so many levels.

Agent-863138d ago

It would actually work better with a Move like device since you could use it as the flashlight and would be more intuitive.

sdtarm3138d ago

how can it be more intuitive using your hands instead of using something that does somehow resemble the shape of a flashlight? lol

also how are you gonna move and do other actions? I can picture it tho... not too interested in it

MintBerryCrunch3138d ago


thats exactly what he said...did you miss the part where he said "Move"

Greywulf3138d ago

well anything is better that kinect, since they actually work with console games. Move/Wii anything.

HolyOrangeCows3138d ago

I think they'd be better off spending time making the game longer, improving the technology (and the resolution!), and coming up with ways to reduce repetition.

The last thing they should worry about is adding support for an accessory that will provide limited options for control; especially for things like walking/running, attack, etc. Frankly, crafting it to work with Kinect will probably only further hurt its chances of fixing things like repetition, when controls are limited.

JokesOnYou3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

So many sonyfanboys are worried about kinect, bored with move I guess.

I think kinect+controller would work well in this game, I look forward to seeing what they will do if this is true Alan Wake is one of my favorites this gen.

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iamnsuperman3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

This article is written really badly. I am all up for innovative ideas involving Kinect but when in the article is says things like "and since Kinect rocks, should be labeled as “Better with Kinect“. Less of the crap and more of what could be done would have made this article better.

OT. It could work but unless Microsoft show something about moving and not on rails (like the hackers have shown) it should be avoided like the plague

TXIDarkAvenger3138d ago

Interesting, playing Alan Wake 2 with Kinect. This could work really well or just end up being a flop.

But honestly, they should give gamers to choose how they want to play; with a controller or Kinect.

gaden_malak3138d ago

I don't see how you could make it work though? Even with the aid of a controller.

Max_Dissatisfaction3138d ago

For a moment I thought this game was ps3 exclusive. I mean nukacola and the whole gang are here first

badkolo3138d ago

i like the idea and alan wake lends itself to motion control with its gameplay so it could work.

but to say kinect rocks , well its a great peace of machinery that has potential and while i forgive the first round of games and i understand there will be a lull period until new games arrive, I do hope that when the new batch arrives they are a actual improvement over what we have now.

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The story is too old to be commented.