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Sarcastic Gamer's Ala-Douche explains a little-understood, but alcoholically-friendly game mode in the latest Mortal Kombat installment. From the post:

"Getting drunk and playing video games with friends is one of my favorite past-times. Unfortunately, there aren’t many games specifically catered to my favorite social activity. Little Big Planet gets boring, first person shooters require far too much hand-eye coordination, none of my friends like sports games, and after a half hour with the Move, I’m ready to pass out.

Enter Mortal Kombat. While the game itself is quite a bit of fun and a nice throwback to the original (blah blah blah, you’ve heard this part before), there is a new game type called “Test Your Luck“. I stumbled upon this mode at about 2.5 sheets-to-the-wind while apparently so far gone I missed the menu choice for a standard 2-player versus match and accidentally hit Test Your Luck."

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Corepred43139d ago

Lol.. I can't wait to get this game. Looks like a lot of fun. Just waiting on PSN to come back up. Playing high is just as fun with a FPS. Also it's fun to play with friends just by changing the invert. So if you play inverted you have to played uninverted and vice versa. lol

AlaDouche3139d ago

Inverted controls are one of the handicaps that you can randomly get. Both up/down AND left/right are inverted!

soundslike3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I actually hit the jackpot in Test Your Luck last night.
Instead of just 250 koins it gave 10,000