Release of the Week: Brink

Brink is a post-apocalyptic team based shooter most often compared to Team Fortress 2. For some unknown reason the oceans are rising and humanity’s hope lies in the Ark, a self-sufficient floating floating shelter. With humanity on the… Brink, the inhabitants of the Ark do what comes naturally: grab some firearms and start shooting each other. The two factions duking it out are “Security” and “Resistance”, which is at least more creative than Red vs Blue.

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bgrundman3137d ago

I have heard absolutely nothing interesting about this game whatsoever.

fluffydelusions3137d ago

I'm interested because I like class based FPS and this seems interesting but I will wait on reviews.

NukaCola3137d ago

This game is Mirror's Edge, Team Fortess, Killzone, Borderlands, and Bulletstorm all rolled into one dynamic shooter. I am sure you can find something interestng in there.

Ducky3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

It's a modern version of EnemyTerritory.
They just dropped the ET tag and added some parkour elements (which has more resemblance to AssassinsCreed)

Jacks_Medulla3136d ago

While I disagree that there is nothing interesting about this game, my expectations have definitely been tempered. Based off of what I have recently heard and the lack of a demo or reviews, I have been lead to believe that the game probably isn't as good as I was hoping it to be.

antz11043136d ago

...Then I'm sure this is the first time you've heard of it.:/

And you made it a point to be the first poster. Nice preemptive troll, lol.

THC CELL3137d ago

got it n its not even good at all

TreMillz3136d ago

well if its bad im just going to switch my pre-order money to L.A. Noire. Simple really. Or heck inFAMOUS 2