Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 Official Website

Dualshock Nexus: If you haven't heard by now there is yet another Dragon Ball Z game in the works and it appears the official website for the game has finally opened.

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user8586213140d ago

I like the visuals in the 1st screenshot

DaBadGuy3140d ago

I love the Ocean dub no matter what anyone says.

Gallick Gun, FIYEHHHHH!

Also, this new game looks really sick, the visuals are getting better and better.

HeavenlySnipes3140d ago

need to try the open world RPG thing. The best dragonball games are the ons on the GBA.

Its quite simple to make. The characters fight and get stronger in the shows right? Well in RPGs the characters fight and get stronger. It is a simple concept to make.

Dragonball Sagas had a good idea its just teh executio aws poor. The 1 o 1 fighting thing gets old because there is little room to grow especially since you can't make up characters.

Treezy5043140d ago

I actually loved Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors growing up and it remains one of my favorite GB Color games. I remember buying the game and getting extremely mad because I thought it was a fighting game, but I learned to appreciate the fact that it was turn base only and it turned out to be really addicting.

Nitrowolf23140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Thats the DBZ i loved the most. They did it all the way to Buu fury and then when i heard a GT one was coming out i was so freakn hyped until i tried it to find out it was a side scroller. Now they have one for the DS Dragon Ball origin but i am kind of disliking the graphic transition.

Otheros003140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I think they did that with Dragonball z Sagas.

Edit: Sorry. Guess I should of read your entire comment before replying.

Reborn3140d ago

Looks like a bit of an improvement happened, regarding the visuals in those screens.

Lets see the game play.

Mystickay863140d ago

Haven't purchased a DBZ game since Tenkaichi series. I however got a good vibe about this game. Hope i'm right :P, they need to revamp the gameplay and set it apart from the tenkachi/raging blast series IMO

zackacloud3140d ago

Same here

I hope this one will make me buy it

slavish33140d ago

give us a action game or rpg please!

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