IGN - Taking it to the Brink

IGN - This most certainly isn't Texas. Bromley, a large town towards the south eastern edges of London that was once home to H.G Wells, Aleister Crowley and Charles Darwin is touched by neither glamour or grace, and those that now parade its high street peppered with 99p stores certainly put Darwin's theory of evolution to the test.

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AngelicIceDiamond2720d ago

Still waiting on a review....

ThichQuangDuck2720d ago

Not a single review out anywhere... Game looks pretty good and I love the idea of multiplayer, co-op, single player parkour shooter meshed into one. But with no reviews out makes me think they are holding back reviews til tomorrow so I will see what reviews say before I buy. More excited about LA Noire next week

creeping judas2720d ago

Review embargo till the 10th.

Apocwhen2720d ago

Won't be acting on this game until I see some reviews.

These embargo's suck. It's like the publishers or developers don't have confidence in their product by holding back reviews.

NukaCola2720d ago

I see this game mixed between 8s and 9s, with a few 10s and one or two 7s. But I honestly think this will be a really great game. I can't wait to check it out.

DOOMZ2720d ago

Not even thinking about getting this game until yhere is a review up. Ushually held up reviews = bad games!

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ThichQuangDuck2720d ago

Never will understand disagrees on N4G, but anyway yeah I assumed there was a review embargo. With all these very vague previews and no reviews until tomorrow it just seems weird. I understand embargoes are generally for gamers to play for themselves and not focus on reviews. I have no idea if this is going to be good or bad but I am hoping it will be good. This day and age, I cannot just buy a game for 60 and hope it will be good because of the trailers and light previews.

Grimhammer002720d ago

You'd think some pirated review would have hit by now though.

TheLastGuardian20102720d ago

You guys are nuts. Almost every game has an embargo for reviews. Portal 2 was the most recent one, and the reviews speak for themselves.

I wouldn't worry about this to be honest.

Personally, I think the game will be in the 79-88 percentile on metacritic. That said it could do worse, which you never know since the Homefront debocale, or could do so go that they are GOTY type scores. Who knows? But if I was betting man I'd bet around 79-88. Anything less would shock me. Anything more...well I wouldn't be to surprised, but it will be unexpected to say the least.

ThichQuangDuck2720d ago

I think the reason everybody is worried about the embargo is because everyone wants the game to be really good but is unsure based on the previews. I know most games have embargoes but generally smaller reviewers leak reviews by now giving us a small preview of how the game will be,but I assume the reviews will come out starting at midnight hopefully then that will decide my purchase. I do not usually let reviews decide my purchase but brink is one I am on the fence.

soundslike2720d ago

These are the types of games that you really can't trust reviews with, you have to play them. I predict it will get 7's because of technical issues and noobiness of the lone wolf reviewer.
For those looking for a balanced team game, it should be said that you're going to have to sift through a lot of B/S to get to a truth that matters to you.

Expect professional insight like:
"Guns are too weak and u run out of ammo, lame 6.8/10"
(even though a teammate can give you ammo and buff your dmg)

ThichQuangDuck2720d ago

Flop confirmed . Exactly what I worried about. Well La Noire in one week