Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Defend the Area gameplay

You and your squad must defend a location against PLA Attack, in the 'Defense' gametype!

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DoomeDx3143d ago

For some reason, this game aint as bad as the critics say it is. its quite good.

ThatCanadianGuy3143d ago

How are the controls compared to Dragon rising? Smoother, more responsive and whatnot? I'm one of the few in my circle of friends who actually loved that game, hell, i even got the platinum on it!

Been very curious about this one tho.I want a gamers perspective on it.

DoomeDx3143d ago

Its great. Has some AI problems though.

But the defend gametype is definatly awesome!
Controls are better. The squad-order menu has been greatly updated!

Reefskye3143d ago

this game comes with the i7 I just ordered!

DAS6923142d ago

Makes all other FPS's look like little baby games...

CtrlAltDel3142d ago

Zzzzzzzzzz............Let me know when the action starts...............