TGH: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles Review

TGH Writes: The Samurai Warriors series has been around for quite some time now. It has basically the main series which is now up to their third main installment, a PSP title, and a few spin-offs. This time it’s a spin-off for the new Nintendo 3DS. It’s dubbed Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. It’s much like the main series, but with a notable twist in features and gameplay. As a launch title, does Samurai Warriors: Chronicles live up to the standards of the Nintendo 3DS? Or will is burn in the ashes of war? Find out in this review of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles.

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lpfisher2811d ago

I love this game. Best 3DS launch title, hands down.

ShadyDevil2811d ago

This is the most fun I have had on the 3DS so far other than SSFIV but that is only because of it's online. <3 Samurai Chronicles.

FanOfGaming2811d ago

im gonna rent for the 3DS

ferelinstincts2811d ago

Great review for a great game.

Rob9462811d ago

Have been looking for a new 3DS title might give this a go.