Mana Pool: Portal 2 Review

Mana Pool: The original Portal was a sucker punch out of nowhere, a tiny gem of a game that completed the Trinity of Awesome that was the Orange Box. It succeeded because it was highly original (in a Valve absorption sort of way), very funny, and unheard of. The sequel did not have the advantage of surprise, but it does take the originality and charm up to twelve. Portal 2 extends the prototype that was the first game, but not necessarily as expected.

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Kran3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Below an 8 or 80?

My my what's wrong with you?

NobleGamer3141d ago

Hmm must be some unknown site looking for hits by giving a low review.

Manapool lol

claterz3141d ago

You should read the review instead of concentrating on the score. They did in fact love the game, but they found things that could be improved i.e.. loading screen between every level, not a massive improvement over the previous game and overpriced DLC.

despair3141d ago

negative for DLC? its optional and should not affect the overall review of the disk based content. I agree with the puzzles being easier than in the first and something felt lacking when you solved quite a few of them.

But the positive greatly outweighs the negative and the review does not match the score. Its a great game and better than most out there with nothing like it on the market.