Bin Laden Laid out - Kuma War Style

Now that the details are out on how Bin Laden was taken down [sort of], the natural next step would be to make a game level depicting those detailed events... right? Well, it appears the answer is yes. Source-based "Kuma War" released Episode 107 Saturday depicting the Navy SEALs mission to take out the much-loathed terrorist...
I'll bet you're interested in how the Bin Laden cleanse would turn out in a game, but you probably don't want to install a whole program just to check it out. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out a quick YouTube run-through below to see how Navy SEALs deal with terrorism in video games...

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cheetorb3136d ago

Sure the natural step would be to do something unoriginal, cliche, and predictable. Gee I wonder...does he die? F*ck Bin Laden, best way to diss his ass to to ignore him and let him die as a nobody piece of crap. Get over it.

AAACE53136d ago

I thought for sure the next Battlefield or Call of Duty would have been the first to have a kill Bin Laden mission!

The Killer3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

bin laden was innocent man i think. he didnt kill any civilian and was not involved in killing civilians as far as i know. but the cia fake videos and audio tapes managed to trick so many people.

all what osama bin laden asked for was for foreign armies leave the muslim land and to stop supporting the terrorist state of israel and to stop supporting the dictators of the muslim world which the people are doing it by them selves now!

now, is there anything wrong with that?

but the people always take the strong side regardless if they were wrong.

next time when another Hitler comes and wipe out europe and usa u would feel what the muslims feeling right now!

i am against the killing of civilians, but to accuse people of crimes without proves/evidence and punish millions for a small group and kill millions and invade entire countries for just one man thats just bull crap and it shows it was all a set up!!

mark my words, the war on terror will not end with the death of osama bin laden, next they will say they need to purify the rest of the terrorist from earth, but these terrorist (freedom fighters) will never stop resisting until the occupation have withdrawn.

this is indeed the world order of the zionist/gog and magog, where corruption and killing and nudity and crimes are wide spread like the flies on the popo/kaka/the remains of our food.

Arknight3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Wow dude...the propaganda has just completely brainwashed you, huh...

Bin Laden was about as innocent as the devil. And you can look to him if you want someone to blame for killing civilians, since Al Qaeda (you know, that little terrorist organization your innocent man created) claims responsibility for attacks on civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq as well as Western countries.

Oh, one other flaw in your logic....the foreign armies weren't in those Muslim lands until your buddy Osama ordered the destruction of the World Trade it would be pretty hard for him to have been asking them to leave before that.

The Killer3136d ago

well, true what u said that some terrorist attacks were claimed by al-qaida, but that doesnt mean osama were behind them. yes, al-qaida in many places doing terrorism and thats forbidden in islam, however, there are differences in al-qaida depending where they are located, because al-qaida in the arab countries are penetrated by the arab intelligence. its not hard to ask someone to grow a beard and behave like al-qaida then this person will do suck acts that osama bin laden never asked, to destroy the image of al-qaida.

any way, targeting civilians are not accepted! and if al-qaida do that then i am against them, and yes they did claim they did some. but the al-qaida of afghanistan and pakistan never did claim such attacks as far as i know.

besides, what about the civilians that dies everyday by NATO and US airtirkes? isnt that terrorism on the civilians when u bomb their homes and kill many civilians under the excuse of suspecting of al-qaida? how many innocent women and children died in their homes in iraq,afghanistan?

but the media dont give a crap about muslim civilian deaths! thats the sad reality!

As for the american armies not in the muslim land before 9/11, well thats not true! there were american bases in saudi arabia and kuwait since the gulf war, and USA never stopped supporting israel terrorism on palestinians and arabs!

so if u think the issue started with 9/11 then u would need to study the american history since the second world war until now in regards of muslim world!

TABSF3136d ago

Infowars and PrisonPlanet :)

Probably going to get banned or killed, oh well.

acemonkey3136d ago

should have release some pictures of the dead body. Dont believe his dead in the game. Release pictures now. lol...but on the subject they should have shown us a picture

The Killer3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

i would say they didnt kill him, probably he is already long dead or still hiding somewhere or they got someone who looks similar to him, and they made this fake operation to fulfill their Hollywood movie themes.

the only way i will believe the story only if i see osama bin laden wife talking live and explaining what happened or one of his children. other wise its all fake to promote barak obama next elections!

its an old trick and it always works on the americans lol.