Google Chrome Not Coming to The PS3

Unfortunately for PlayStation 3 owners, Google’s Chrome browser will not be coming to Sony’s console.

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rabidpancakeburglar2718d ago

I really hope that this isn't the case

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r1sh122718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

its unlikely that chrome is come to the current iteration of software...
Not sure about the US, but VOD services on the ps3 are literally broswer bookmarks and plugins to make the look different to a browser.
I was quite amazed at how bad it was when I first used the VOD on my ps3, all the same issues get carried to the VOD service beacuse its built into the browser.
I hope they take an approach like the xbox where an actual APP has be downloaded an installed so it works much better

Max_Dissatisfaction2718d ago

Why you shouldn't believe everything you read on the'll get disappointed

-MoOkS-2718d ago

It was just wishful thinking on ps3 fans part, kind of like how they keep wishing for cross game chat.

It would have been a nice addition though

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awesomeperson2718d ago

I honestly do not see how everyone claims PS3 fans are wishing for cross game chat like it is the be all and end all.

I for one do not really care for it, in singeplayer games I prefer to listen to the actual game for the full experience. In multiplayer I prefer to communicate with my team or clan inorder to win, not talk to my friends who play COD when I'm playing Killzone.

Of course we wouldn't mind it, it would be a welcome addition and I'm sure it would be USED A LOT. I would use it too, if there is no one with a mic in my game and I feel the desperate need to talk with some of my friends.

Sure its wishful thinking, just like every kid wishes he could get that new toy for christmas, it could happen but don't bet on it. The kid would love to get this toy but he knows in his mind he won't really be dissapointed if he doesn't get it... To me the same situation applies here.

Lots of people want cross game chat just to have a new thing to rebut against XBL with anyway.

Ranshak2718d ago

Well currently PS3 fans are wishing to simply be able to go online let alone cross game chat.

ComboBreaker2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

The only ones wishing for Cross Game Chat are 360 gamers. They talk about Cross Game Chat all the time.

360 gamer: "Wah. Wah. Wah. Why doesn't PS3, a console I do own, have cross game chat?"

PS3 gamers doesn't even care. If it comes, then yeh, if it doesn't, no big deal.

369 gamers also secretly hope for Cross Platform Chat, so they can finally have mature PS3 gamers to talk to on Xbox Live.

Cheeseknight282718d ago

@1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.4

Yeah. Ok.

Let's wait until Cross-game chat IS announced for PS3 and we will hear a much different tune from you, along with the other PS3 fanboys.

"TAKE THAT XBOX! Now we have one more feature that you get, for free!"

"About time we got this. It's been something PS3 has needed for a while. Truly the only next-gen console."

This is exactly how it always goes. You claim you don't want a certain feature for your console that the other has, but when you get it, it's now the greatest thing ever. Want examples? Trophies and PS+. Nobody wanted a paid subscription model for PS3 and said that "Sony would never do such a thing" but when it's inevitably announced, everyone is now "cool with it." Oh, and Achievements were the worst addition to this generation... until they came to the PS3.

Just stop being so hypocritical. It's laughable.

GodofSackboy2718d ago

I dont actually want to use crossgame chat, i just want it to own xbots like you

Cheeseknight282718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )


Nice bubble. Don't even have to type out the (s) for you. I guess that's what happens when all you ever do is start flame wars. Pity you can't continue them; nobody wants to hear what you have to say.


On an on-topic note, I really wish Chrome would come to the console. The PS3 browser is at best sub-par and Chrome is a fantastic, low-resource browser. Maybe Sony will still make it happen.

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upturned22718d ago

Some "guy" is speculating. He doesn't work for Sony.

Orionsangel2718d ago

The Sony browser stalls or crashes every other minute. It's a piece of junk!

lil Titan2718d ago

Well if true this is disappointing, what about firefox then? PLEASE!!!

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SpaceSquirrel2718d ago

Sony should have got Chrome, it would have been a nice welcome back gift for PSN users

sikbeta2718d ago

With the amount of ram available on the PS3 it's difficult, Chrome/chromium sucks so much ram, It'd crash the same way it does the PS3 browser :P

--------2718d ago

...Pretty sure they would optimize it for the PS3 before, you know, putting it on the PS3.

iamnsuperman2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

A lot of people (and websites) jump the gun. I remeber Naughty dog were looking for someone with experience with the PS3, PC and 360 and everyone was like OMG naughty dog is making a 360 game. This job listing is plausible that Sony will implement a new browser possibly for the next gen but more likely for the PS3. It may not be chrome even though I wish it was. The whole thing should be a rumour neither confirming nor denying it

an0nym0us2718d ago

God Damn that sucks ass, because the current ps3 browser crashes so much (crashed on google one time). It's probably coming for the NGP or PS4 nevermind i doubt that.

MaximusPrime2718d ago

That's funny, it didn't crash much on my ps3. Probably once or twice but not over a dozen times

Spitfire_Riggz2718d ago

Mine doesn't just crash a dozen times. Mine crashes EVERYTIME I open it

M4I0N32718d ago

crashes on us everytime, if you open more than one tab

Blaine2718d ago

Yes, the current browser isn't great.

Yes, it crashes a lot.

Yes, Chrome would be a very welcome change.

But while the headline clearly says Chrome isn't coming to PS3, if you'd read the article you'd have noticed the numerous and significant changes Sony has planned for the browser. It won't be Chrome, but it'll be much, much better than it is now.

--------2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I read the article. It would be pretty awesome to be able to play Quake live or something on the future PS3/4 browser.

If you're a PS+ Member you would then have free games (and other free stuff) Discounts on most things, your precious saves backed up in the cloud and the ability to play awesome free games online through the new web browser.

Not bad at all! It's almost like piracy, without the piracy. Not to mention all the other features the system will have, in addition to some of the best first party games there are...literally can't wait.

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