Warning - Avoid the Internet (L.A. Noire)

Msxbox-world offers this stark warning about those idiots who love to spoil others enjoyment. You know it's coming, so be prepared.

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user94220773139d ago


Just give me the damn game.

Tompkins3139d ago

You miss the point. The article is saying that it's better experienced if you avoid spoilers.

People like to ruin other peoples gaming just because they can.

retrofly3139d ago

Looks like I'm staying away from N4G then, plently of c**ts on here who like to ruin peoples games, Red Dead Redemption ending was spoiled for me on here by an inocuous comment to an article!

GrieverSoul3139d ago

I had the exact same issued with Red Dead.
Some douch here told the ending in a reply regarding the incoming DLC. I was angy because I hadnt finished the game.

Douches like this are all over the internet. Not just N4G. You will find them every gaming site.

ThatCanadianGuy3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Some douche on my friend list spoiled it for me too.As i was playing, he sends me a message saying "U beat it yet"

I replied no, thinking he would have the common sense to drop the subject..

------------SPOILER---------- ---

He follows up with "He dies at the end u no lolz"
I swear, can't hide from spoilers anywhere.

EliteDave933139d ago

I dont know if im gonna be able to avoid watching any gameplay vids im so excited for this.

Tompkins3139d ago

The videos are the least of your worries, it's the idiots that need to be avoided including ill-concieved video reviews from sites like Gametrailers who just love to reveal loads of stuff in their reviews.

gillri3139d ago

Some one spoilt Heavy Rain for me on this very site

the thing is the article where the comment was had nothing to do with heavy rain at all

I was pissed as it ruined it

DlocDaBudSmoka3139d ago

i remember that, some moron had made a name of who the killer was. talk about pissed off. So now i just try avoid articles about certain games releasing.

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