A Letter Home For My Dearest (PSN Outage Letter)

My dearest Chick-gamer6969,
It has been 18 days and the war still rages. It seems that the hacker wars will never end. I have to face the fact that PSN might never come back...

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M-Easy3137d ago

Pretty funny but also sad at the same time. You would think your best friend (if you had real friends) died. Its only been down 2 weeks and I too know the feeling of not pwning a noob in a while but seriously its just online. You can still game, surf the web, watch netflix/blu-rays, listen to music, etc... I promise when its over it will be like it never happened, no PTSD.

Max_Dissatisfaction3137d ago

Its actually 2 days from 3 weeks now, 19 days

ChilliDemon3137d ago

@M-Easy. I bet all the developers who sell games via PSN are not saying "ah well, it's ONLY been x weeks now". They must be losing tonnes of revenue every day. They have sales targets to meet and this has gotta be hurting them.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

And yet most of them understand the severity of the situation. Sony wants PSN back up as much as anyone else.

HebrewHammer3137d ago

Chilli, this is true...
I actually just spoke to someone who works at Volition games here in Champaign, IL. I asked him what the PSN downtime meant for their studio. He told me that since the Red Faction demo was supposed to go up on PSN weeks ago, but alas has not because of this downtime, they are losing possibly thousands of potential units sold. And that's just a demo! I can't even imagine how bad it is for studios or publishers who primarily distribute paid content on services like PSN.
All I know is, Sony better BRING IT at E3. But hey, they usually do :)

KidBroSweets23137d ago

lol like the idea of the article. creative way of looking at the issue

Falaut3137d ago

I would make a guess and say that a company that is concerned with its external CUSTOMERS is just as concerned with its internal CUSTOMERS. Hence seeing that goodwill gestures are being given out to consumers, I'm sure Sony has something in place for the other side as well. I'm not saying that they would do something for Volition in the aforementioned case, but for example an app currently available at the store, if it was hot prior to the shut down, the dev would get some sort of compensation.