Famitsu:White Knight Story Scans

White Knight Story looks more and more interesting every time anyone gets to see it, and these six pages scanned in the latest Famitsu certainly won't change this trend.

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nasim4017d ago

all the best things seeems to be ONLY on PS3 in 2008.

WKS, FF13,WAR DEVIL ---the 3 best RPGS

KZ2 and RESISTANCE 2---best FPSes of all time

MGS 4---best game of 2008

GOW 3 --unmatchable

GT5 --- pwns real life in terms of graphics and is a bigger brand than HALO 3.

GT5,FF13 are wayy bigger brands than Halo 3. BUT i expect MGS 4 to smash all sales records on the day of launch .

Unlike MS games it would sell million copies each on the launch day in EU,JAPAN and NA

goodganja4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

With games like..

Time Crisis 3
Heavenly Sword
Resistance 2
Little Big Planet
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy 8
Halo 4
Gears of War Port
Mass Effect port
Tekken 6
LA Noire
Untitled Rockstar Exclusive
God Of War 3
Untitled Team ICO Project
Zone of The Enders 3
Yakuza 3
The Agency
Untitled NCSoft Project
Untitled City of Heroes Project
Eternal Sonata port
Eye of Judgement
Lair (receiving rave reviews in Japan)
The Getaway 3
Heavy Rain
Hot Shots Golf 5
Untitled Victorious Boxers/Hajime No Ippo game
Killzone 2
MLB 08
NFL Gameday 2010
Ratchet & Clank
Untitled Jak & Daxter
Untitled Twisted Metal
Unreal Tournament 3
White Knight Chronicles
Untitled Snatcher Sequel
Kingdom Hearts project

I would be surprised if any Microkid can come up with a fraction of what's on their platform to counter this. Halo 4 might get ported to PS3 and Mass Effect is definately coming. Micro$hit has one more time to screw up and Cliffy B is porting Gears to PS3 so there's nothing really for Micro$hit to counter with.

Maybe Hour of Victory 2. LOL!

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Skerj4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Take Halo 4, Gears of War (it was said to be in the universe but not Gears itself), and Final Fantasy 8 off of that list. There's no way the first 2 are coming as MS owns the IP and the 3rd is already out on PSOne. ..unless you count being able to play that one. I think you meant XIII and Versus XIII.

socomnick4017d ago

lol why the wall of text guys no need for that lol.
all those games are coming out in the span of a year to 3 years from now.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4017d ago

umm now how the hell will there be a zone of enders 3 if the series ending already? That makes no sense.

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Real gamer 4 life4017d ago

I must say that this game is looking very good.

DrWan4017d ago

The article is written in Chinese (traditional), probably a Hong Kong based or Taiwan based gaming magazine

TheHater4017d ago

These are old. Someone posted this picture this week already

Panthers4017d ago

looks great but combat seems wierd to me, and slow. I gotta play a demo.

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