Incredible GT 5 Prologue Screenshots

Here are some brand new in game screens of the PS3 exclusive GT5.

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AnalFace5971d ago (Edited 5971d ago )

This is going to be great with my G25!! pure realism.

Power Of Red, your full of shat...

marinelife95971d ago

Everytime I think Forza or PGR look good Polyphony has to come out with something this ridiculous to bring me back to reality.

Kleptic5970d ago

It is pretty hard to deny that GT5 prologue is shaping up to be the most photo-realistic game ever created so far...

nasim5971d ago (Edited 5971d ago )

you already saw LOST PLANET's ultrarealistic SCREENS on PS3.

The 360 version was cartoony since x360 doesnt have the firepower to do realistic textures. The ps3 version looks as realistic as even Crysis.

I feel bad for the BOTS

PS3 is currently outselling x360 3:1 in EU and it will get to 10:1 when PES hits the ps3 on OCT 26th


ur faroza has toon cars and toon environments . a single wheel in GT5 contains more textures than an extire scene of your cartoon Forza 2.

Have you seen the ULTRAREALISTIC explosions of LOST PLANET on the PS3 ???go take a look and now u will know that ur x360 is garbage

goodganja5971d ago

With GT 5 the dashboard of one vehicle shows more resolution than an entire game of Halo3. That's not even on me touching on the exterior, tracks,background,physics etc.

Nasim is correct. 360 is being outsold in Europe and also Japan. North America is soon to follow suit once 2008 hits. Usually games go through a dry spot in January but PS3 will start off bringing heat.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

cuco335971d ago

An in-game car has more betterer graphics than real life itself!


We know GT5 won't disappoint in the graphics department. All I care about is that they fixed everything else that was wrong with the GT series, as in bring online, damage, realistic physics, smart AI, and no bump n run racing and I'm sold.

I'm getting a PS3 for this game (and for BD) I really hope it lives up to the hype cuz GT3 and GT4 didn't. And this is coming from an avid car nut with a passion for racing both realistic or in a video game.

THC CELL5971d ago

this game will sell millions in the first week

RBlaze5971d ago (Edited 5971d ago )

... GT is a franchise that i have always really enjoyed. Sorry to sound like a moron, but will there be two GT5s? GT5 prologue, and just GT 5?

Also, do you guys who read the PS3 news lots on here always have to put up with nasim? Man i get annoyed with him just making stuff up!

EDIT: Ok, not just nasim, but the people who just make stuff up over and over?

Delive5971d ago

The realism of this game is still hard for me to grasp. The gameplay. I would love to play it for the looks alone, but I spend more time sliding backwards in the grass.

fenderputty5971d ago

Some PS3 fans are annoyed too. I get around it by ignoring people with one bubble. Although, I have more respect for him then people with more then one account. He's proud of his one bubble. lol

Back to the game. I can't wait. Next year ... all the old favorties are hitting. It all starts with Ratchet and Uncharted. After that ... it's pretty much just awesome from here on out.

jack who5971d ago

i see its still usein 2d papar background