Crytek: Next Gen Consoles Are Too Weak for Crysis

Speaking at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Bernd Diemer, senior game designer of Crytek, explained that next-generation consoles don't offer enough computational power to run Crysis, German publication Heise reported.

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rj816443d ago

I wasn't looking forward to photo-realistic, destructible environments, anyways! :S

Silverwolf6443d ago

How much are they getting paid to push MS Vista on this one. The damn game is runing on current DX9 hardware.

omansteveo6443d ago

Didnt just last week they said it was possible wtf?

cosmoracer6441d ago

I think it is a little strange that PCs are beating out consoles this early. In the past consoles have kicked PC's for about 3 years after their release. I think this guy is just trying to sell the PC version to those waiting for the console version to be released.

TheMART6443d ago (Edited 6443d ago )

this is major bullsh!t for sure. He says it's because DX10 is missing. But why then the game is DX9 with some additional things borrowed from DX10?

Why would F.E.A.R. in highest settings run easily on a 360, or get the result of Gears of War? Right. I guess this is just meant to push Windows Vista a bit, because I haven't heard of one game that needed that yet
"the next-generation DirectX API, which will ship along Windows Vista, allows more effects and more objects to be drawn on the screen with a smaller computational cost for the hardware. "

What he states is true ofcourse. DX10 does amazing things. But the 360 API effects can be just as good, if not better, but they are just different then the standard DX10 set. Before he states something like this it would be a good thing to get into the possibilities in the special designed API 360 effects and not think only in ports of DX9 or DX10 stuff

Asuka6442d ago

The onlly reason why next-gen consoles can't play crysis is because they don't support DX10. The 360 and PS3 are more than capable to pull off Crysis if it wasn't for the lack of DX10.

Lucidmantra6441d ago

the 360 has some dx10 capabilities... not all of the flow blown system that vista will have but i have heard it has about half of the API.

kingboy6443d ago (Edited 6443d ago )

i smell some laziness in this..they better take an extra more months to get this baby just about right..imagine buying a nextgen console 2 months ago and soon they telling u sh*t can`t run on it.This game better be nice on console or f@ck it then