Clive Barker's Jericho Review

MyGEN takes a look at Jericho on PC.

Mercury Steam has teamed up with horror author Clive Barker, to create a Supernatural Horror First Person Shooter. Jericho features a very strong storyline and squad based play but has severely fallen into the shadows of the other FPS titles of this year. With a strong storyline created by Clive Barker and the team at Mercury Steam and Codemasters, will Jericho surprise and be one of the best Horror FPS games of this year? Or should it remain behind the shadows of the other titles of this year.

Before Adam and Eve were created, God fashioned the Firstborn. Neither light nor dark, both terrible and beautiful to behold, it disturbed the Almighty who banished this flawed creation into the Abyss. Now the Firstborn is attempting another escape, if successful, the world as we know it will change dramatically. The world will be enslaved and massive torture will be conducted by the Firstborn in order to spite its creator.

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RadientFlux4110d ago

"strong storyline" sealed the deal for me... picking it up as soon as I can

JsonHenry4110d ago

This game a "cinematic" feel to it. The game play was solid although nothing new. The powers each of the 3 (six in the full game) characters have kept things interesting in the demo.

This might be a rental for me. I did enjoy the single player game.

Danman354110d ago

The demo was horrible didn't see anything special.

bym051d4110d ago

I enjoyed the demo. I'll probably rent this one though.

Charlie26884110d ago

I think the author needs a new pair of glasses having downloaded the demo and turned the graphics to the max it has a INSANE level of detail in the characters and one of the best uses of the UE3 to date

I just hope it can live up to Undying

MK_Red4110d ago

I agree that game looks awesome and has lots of potential but this game doesn't use UE3. It's a in-house engine of the devs. Pretty good one too.

Charlie26884110d ago

OMG its true it uses the Mercury Engine, now wonder it had SO much detail compared to the know what that means

Some one F-UP BIG time in one of the first preview of the game I read were he stated the game used the UE3

thanks for the correction have a +bubble :)

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