Hero Showdown: Link vs. Cloud

You may remember a couple weeks ago we pit two videogame legends against one another: Samus and Master Chief. Samus walked out of the battle unscathed, grabbing a huge win from Microsoft's poster boy.

After Samus and MC scrapped, we showed you how billionaire superheroes get down when Batman took on Iron Man. After Bats was done with Stark n' Suit, Iron Man was reduced to a Shell of a man.

Now, for the third in the series, we present: Link vs. Cloud. It's Nintendo's most beloved vs. Square Enix's finest. We're sensing another hard-fought war along party lines… so let's introduce the competitors and get this thing started!

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khellendros14108d ago

As much as people love Link I don't think he has a chance. It's going to be a beatdown. Cloud is a beast in AC. If Cloud can beat arguably the greatest villain of all time, he can whoop Link's little elven a$$.

lonestarmt4108d ago

is it just me, or did they really gay up cloud in their description of him?? I don't think of his man-beauty, but his bad A buster sword!! Ign what the heck... Who wrote this??

pilotpistolpete4108d ago

Well, at least this article is better written that that "Master Chief beats all" article that got posted a few weeks ago (Too lazy to find the link). I think reading it actually killed some brain cells.

I'll can jump the debacle. Cloud would give Link a beat down. I can't beleive Link is winning with 65% on ign! I am assuming materia is fair ground, as Link would have his hookshot, bow and boomerang. Did anyone say "knights of the round"?

Poor link, we barely knew ye in all his cellshaded glory.

DeckUKold4108d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

o did u 4get about nyrue's love(spelling) it dont take damage but cloud looks like a GOD in advent children and summoning O crap again link has goddess powers compared to summons dag I CAN'T CHOOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: heres what my brother thinks "I am a fan of both FF7 and L.O.Z. but its gonna be BRAWL OF THE CENTURY until they go for the Finisher Omnislash vs Triforce slash and the winner is
Link because while Cloud goes to deliver Omnislash Link's Triforce slash stops you completely then he goes berserk with a barrage of slashes and the last attack of the Triforce Slash Link does the Ultimate Spin Attack (U.S.A.)
(though I will always respect Cloud) THE END."

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The story is too old to be commented.