Lost Planet Screenshot Comparison: PS3 vs Xbox 360

Today Capcom released early screenshots for the PlayStation 3 version of Lost Planet.

With the game set to release sometime in early 08, it will be interesting to see if Capcom makes any enhancements to the graphics of the game. In terms of gameplay and content, they have already confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will feature all the content from the 360 version, plus all downloadable content from Xbox Live, along with extras included in the PC version.

Here is PSU's early graphical comparison of the PS3 version vs. the Xbox 360.

Click the jump to see the full size image comparisons.

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SILV3R_4016d ago

this topic will never end.. video / image comparison.

Violater4016d ago

next it will be whose snow looks better.
i already know the power of the cell allows for no individual flake to be the same.

mstanglx954016d ago

Anyone can play with the different video settings on either console (or monitor/television) to make one look better than the other! Its about as useful as statistics, i can make any statistic say what i want it to say!

Coffin874016d ago

haha, that was funny.
i also know it can do this, but i also kinda doubt they'll do this is lost planet. ;D

JsonHenry4016d ago

The only thing I noticed is the colors seem to be slightly muted on the PS3 version, but then again they are not taken of the same exact frame - so it could simply be just a matter of the current lighting in the game on the PS3 version that would look like that.

Other than that - it looks like the same damn boring game we got on the 360 last year.

DeadIIIRed4016d ago

A side by side video comparison because these screen comparisons are crap. The only difference I saw was that the PS3 guy sorta looks Asian.

4016d ago
dantesparda4016d ago

LOL! Oh Nasim, you need to tone it down man, for your own good. Comments like that aint helping you. Just some advice

AngryTypingGuy4016d ago

Nasim, you don't have many friends, do you?

People respect your opinions when you're more objective. The comparison pics are very close. If you would've said "I think the PS3 pics were slightly better", we wouldn't all be laughing at you.

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TeaDouble_E4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

I cant tell the difference.

InMyOpinion4016d ago

They could at least compare the same shots. These are from different angles etc.

THC CELL4016d ago

x box looks more cartoon to ps3

PopEmUp4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Yeah I agree, x-box simply lean toward cartoonist sort of looking rather realistic or real life looking


WilliamRLBaker I think your statement simply the stupid one, can't you see the differences between the color from both Ps3 and 360 version, with the 360 version are too colorful, when you look at the sky why the heck it blue and when it suppose to be smoke and Grey. BTW if You comparing this to the Nintendo games you must be joking right? Cause everybody know that Nintendo games are almost 90% of it games look toward cartoonist except metro prime (I not sure what the name of the game)

WilliamRLBaker4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

thats gotta be the stupidest damn statement i've ever heard.

They look no different from the 360 versions, Not only is the comparison sucky they dont use the same angles or any thing, They look exactly the same and your deluding your self if you think they don't, and they look cartoony on the 360 version? let alone the FACT that cartoon like graphics are an artistic choice and not a affect of lighting, color pallete...ect Those pictures look exactly the same! same colors, same characters same every thing, if one looks ""cartoony" then they both do.

A cartoony look would call for a completely different game, you cannot create a game with an cartoony look and then with lighting and ""supposed"& ;quo t; better color pallete some how make it look realistic.

Edit: Case in point, Super mario 64 looks cartoony, No ammount of lighting,texture changes, color pallete...ect will make it look realistic because the character frame work them selves in cartoonish in nature.

Panthers4016d ago

Baker, they look A LOT different, so much so that they are hard to compare. But the 360 ones look more cartoonish.

WilliamRLBaker4016d ago

they look ALOT diffrent? but so hard to compare? you mean the screen shots? or mario?

Let alone the fact The original lost planet only looked animeish NOT cartoonish, Anime and Cartoons are different.
the ps3 version doesn't look a wit better by those screens then the 360 version. any one that says different is blind.

mesh14016d ago

nah what sony fon boys meen is that the 360 version has the rigth colour palater while the ps3 looks brownish.

Qayin4016d ago

your exactly rite the 360 uses alot of colors to make up for graphics. Alot of people see all those bright colors and say it has better graphics. Thats the same trick they used on Halo 3 EDTV.

SWORDF1SH4016d ago

will ive seen your comments around here and you anti ps3. if you look at the face of the caracters they look more realistic on ps3. if you look at the smoke in the explosion it looks more realistic on the ps3. but i dont think that lost planet pushes the limit of either console so sayin its more realistic doesnt say that the ps3 is a better console. even thou i think the ps3 is more powerful comparing these games doesnt prove it. the ps3 version probably will be only slightly better but not by much. and i probably buy this game coz i loved the online demo that was on the 360. so i might get it even thou its jus for the online

TheSadTruth4016d ago

lol @ console kiddies

both are exactly the same, they are shots from different scenes which is why the first pic of the guy looks better on the ps3, simply because he is outside with snow and light while the other one is the guy inside where it's dark.. but of course ps3 fans need to justify their $600 investment to the point they become delusional

sloth4urluv4016d ago

omg you guys are all blind or are tripping on acid.
They both look exactly the same.
Comparison shots are crap aswell.
Compares the guy in the snow vs him in a cave...

Only differences I notice are the ailising issues on the ps3 version.
most noticble here
(look around his face mask and the area where his arms meet his chest)
and here
(look around the sand bags, or anywhere that two different objects meet)

poopface14016d ago

and giant bugs are soooo realistic looking.

Lionsguard4016d ago

I don't understand how you still have so many bubbles. If you can't see the difference then you need to get your eyes checked. Any 2 month old chimp can see at least a bit of a difference. Talk about arrogance. Other than that the game sucks anyway waste of time..

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TheMART4016d ago

Different surroundings, other parts of the game... Can't really say much about it.

But I will be dissapointed if it doesn't look any better with a full year extra development time and improvements. It's like Oblivion a year later, looking a tad better, or GRAW 2 a half year extra time.

It's a nice game, the end bosses are lovely old school big Japanese style in the area they did on the MSX-2 and Amiga 500!

LeonSKennedy4Life4016d ago

I'm thinking the only real difference is all that free extra content you guys paid for and all the stuff from the PC version too...

patriotZero4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

They look pretty much the same except for the finer details in the PS3 version. The smoke for instance looks more realistic, as does the snow particles and lighting. Other than that thats about it (i think).

Anti- aliasing, alphas , particles and color vibrance looks better on the 360. The PS3 looks a little bit sharper. Also it seems as if the PS3 version dialed back on the crazy motion blur.

Take for instance the picture of wayne the fur show better on the 360 but becuase the PS3 version is a little lighter you can see more detail on the textures. Its not fair to judge that one explosion comparison but the embers from the explosion seemed muted on the PS3.

mirroredderorrim4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Use quotes when quoting other people, Niko.

It's a toss up. The game is still being ported to PS3 so things could change in terms of the look of the game.
All in all, I can't tell too much of a difference aside from the color scheme. The snow seems a little blue on the Xbox 360 version and on the PS3 version it looks dull and white, like a gloomy winter should look like more or less.

In the end, we need some side by same SAME SCENE screenshots with identical happenings and with identical displays for an accurate comparison. I think those are two seperate dislplays so I won't even go as far to say which is superior.

sloth4urluv4016d ago

Hit the nail on the head.