Become.com: Top 10 Super Awesome RPGs

"Role playing games leave lasting impressions on gamers for a few reasons. Those with the patience for long and engrossing games are rewarded with rich story lines, a sustained challenge, and deep character development. While it may be true that these games are not for some - many gamers are simply looking for a short, action packed foray into gaming - a good RPG is like a good book, in the sense that experience is personal and unique, and if they aren't carefully crafted they have no chance of holding your interest. Here are ten games that got it right in a big way. Ladies and gentleman, the ten greatest RPGs of all time."

Brewski0074592d ago

Yeah wheres xenogears? :(.
More importantly though :
/brewski; Deletes Dragonage
/brewski; Inserts Baldurs Gate.

Ahh thats better

Enate4592d ago

I was gonna say the same thing Xenogears and Suikoden II.

RedDead4592d ago

Agreed, I would put Suikoden 2 as my top J-rpg. I think Xenogears is a bit overrated, the story is one of the best with just about every theme in there, but the battle system is very standard and the second disk sorts of anal rapes the first one. Seriously though FF7. I don't understand why it's rated so high like this. It is good and was always one of my fav games, but it definitely isn't the best Jrpg and definitely isn't Squaresofts best game.

Rifle-Man4592d ago

You know, I've never played Persona 3 and I've been debating whether to get it on PSP or PS2.

Is it better than P4?

InfiniteJustice4592d ago

@ Rifle-Man

I'd say it was as good, I can't really pick one over the other, though. Definitely worth getting if you can though, on a base level it's the same as P4, just uses a different story and characters

HINDERIZATION4592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

Legend Of Dragoon #1 for me any day. Greatest video game of all time. Probably the first video game that ever made me cry really hard. ):

Neko6084592d ago

Any list of this nature where Chrono isn't #1 is a complete outrage

HeavenlySnipes4592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

Chrono Cross is the BEST RPG I've ever played.
Chrono Trigger is a close second though

EDIT: @rezznik

FFVII isn't even the best FF game. I didn't even finish FFVII I stopped after defeating the first weapon. I think FFX and FF Xii are better. Oh and FFIX and FFVIII.....

(Its pretty much last on my list.)

Tbolt80000v4592d ago

X is awesome but VI is the best IMO.