Speedball II on PlayStation Network?

It's a double treat on Xbox Live Arcade this week with the arrival of Q Entertainment's Every Extend Extra Extreme and the long, long awaited XBLA version of Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe.

Mizuguchi's effort is more than likely heading to PlayStation 3 at some point, but according to Bitmap Brothers' John Phillips, a PSN port of Speedball II game is likely on the way as well.

By the looks of it then, it could be a case of PS3 owners not feeling left out for much longer. Next though, Bitmap Brothers are working on Chaos Engine, says Phillips

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prunchess4107d ago

I'll be watching out for this in the PlayStation store. I spent a lot of time playing this game on the Commodore Amiga. A really great two player game.

Dark_Overlord4107d ago

Ive played this game for more hours thatn i care to remember its the best sports game ever IMO.

Own it for PC, Amiga, Mega Drive and soon to be PSN

vaan4106d ago

I remember speedball/2! Showing my age here.