Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Review - The Big Pixels

The Big Pixels reviews Escalation, the latest DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

From the summary:

"Gamers seem to stand on two sides of a very large fence when it comes to Call of Duty and its DLC map packs. There are the gamers who decry paying $15 for a few maps while the other side views the $15 expense as well worth the investment considering how many hours of gaming they get out of those new maps.

The real difference, I believe, is that there are gamers who love Call of Duty and gamers who hate it. Haters say it takes no skill, that the games themselves are filled with expletive-spouting 13-year olds, and that the series hasn't innovated in years. Fans of the game say it provides infinite fun, addictive leveling a diverse range of game modes, and doesn't need to be innovated because it's already great.

It's obvious who Escalation will appeal to, then. But is it worth picking up?"

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