What To Look Forward To When PSN Goes Live Again

Gaming Irresponsibly's Agentxk writes: So, it is looking like the wait is nearly over! PSN should be up soon and we will finally be able to do all those things that we have been waiting around for what seems like eternity to do. Through the usage of pie charts, bar graphs and science we have determined some of the things gamers will be looking forward to the most!

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agentxk4593d ago

On the list!!! I feel for you all

TheREAL-HyDRo1x4593d ago

oh oh i know... the servers being brought back down for instability and security issues!

MaxXAttaxX4592d ago

This article is a bit refreshing compared to all the other articles about Sony and PSN.

darthv724592d ago

it is all the extra stuff i get to download for uncharted 2. I got the game of the year edition and the code for all the extra content is itching to be entered.

Zydake4592d ago

I can't wait to play portal back on my ps3 and not on my mac/pc

Dee_914592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

GT5 socom 4 and portal 2

and I havent did yakuza 4 online before psn went down im looking forward to that

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flankhim4593d ago

Yeah socom 4. 2 days was just a tease. Hopefully the patch is ready too.

DirtyLary4593d ago

it's not. They said the hacking put a hold on any patching.

guitarded774593d ago (Edited 4593d ago )

SOCOM 4 and Portal 2... I think my Steam friends are almost as pissed as my PSN friends about this. Oh, and I want to update my trophy list, I think I hit level 14!

xAlmostPro4592d ago

Motorstorm and then mostly Mortal Kombat..

Me and one of my PSN buddies have been playing the crap outta that game and slandering each other via skype as to who's better will win when online is back :D Gonna be a few epic fights whe it's back online :D

Maddens Raiders4592d ago

and SOCOM 4. Can't wait to get back on.

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HOSe4593d ago

wow need online back. motorstorm, killzone, brink... effffff uuuuuuu sonyyyyyy

RedPawn4593d ago

speaking of MotorStorm, they need to revive Jet Moto stat.

IGAMEHARD4593d ago

my friends list is all i care about, miss u buddies!

Who4593d ago

^^ Feels like forever since I've started up a PSN Chatroom with my buds.

guitarded774593d ago

Yeah, I know it's down, but I still scroll over to the right out of habit.

DiLeCtioN4593d ago

Man I cant take the waiting any more :/

Who4593d ago

*Adds Mortal Kombat to the list :)