Zero Punctuation: Portal 2 Review

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw explains why Portal 2 couldn't surpass the first.

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InFAMOUS13913d ago

I don't know why but I can't get embed to work on this video??????

RedDead3913d ago

Well, looks like he feels around the same about it as me.

Menech3913d ago

He's reviews are meant to be taken as a joke. You shouldn't take his opinion as anything other then that.

He just finds a small problem with a game and blows it out of all proportion.

I still look forward to his reviews every week though there's always a good laugh to be had.

Jacks_Medulla3913d ago

If you couldn't tell by looking at his bubbles, RedDeadDestroyer's comments are meant to be taken as a joke as well.

soundslike3913d ago

Taking everything as a joke would be just as erroneous as taking everything seriously

He does blow some things out of proportion, but most of the time, *he feels* he has a good reason to.

Its like dismissing a sarcasticgamer troll article as "just being sarcastic" when really they mean everything they said, and are less sarcastic now then they are jaded.

With zero, the argument could be made that he is jaded, but most of the time he tells the truth, albeit in a grandiose way.

"but but ur sayin' portal 2 sux!!! thumbs down! disagreex1100withalternateacco unts!"

NO, young laddy, I am not. BTW neither did Zero if you actual listened to what he said, so chill on the troll-patrol.

Menech3913d ago

Dude even he himself admits he's let his reviews slide as of late simply to make them funnier.

Not to mention he's completely biased to certain types of games and doesn't pretend otherwise.

His reviews are meant to be taken as a joke if you can't understand that I feel sorry for you.

soundslike3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

I guess now-a-days you have to spell everything out. If you actually understood my comment you'd find that I agree with you to a point. NOWHERE do I ever state it should be taken seriously.

The point is: It's not black and white.

some parts are jokes based in trying to make jokes, and some parts are jokes based in truth.

"The truth can be told, even in jest."

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Venom2153913d ago

his reviews are spot on

JoeIsMad3913d ago

Humorous as usual, but it's sad to see that the reviwer couldn't find anything to really down on this with. Portal 2 was great, but he found almost NOTHING. Credit to Valve for that achievement.

Ness6193913d ago

Yeah that's exactly right. There's too much walking in a straight line without any puzzle solving, and when you finally get to a puzzle there are 3 spots in the room where you can shoot a portal so it's pretty obvious what to do. Too easy

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