Zero Punctuation: Portal 2 Review

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw explains why Portal 2 couldn't surpass the first.

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InFAMOUS14830d ago

I don't know why but I can't get embed to work on this video??????

RedDead4830d ago

Well, looks like he feels around the same about it as me.

Menech4830d ago

He's reviews are meant to be taken as a joke. You shouldn't take his opinion as anything other then that.

He just finds a small problem with a game and blows it out of all proportion.

I still look forward to his reviews every week though there's always a good laugh to be had.

Jacks_Medulla4830d ago

If you couldn't tell by looking at his bubbles, RedDeadDestroyer's comments are meant to be taken as a joke as well.

soundslike4830d ago

Taking everything as a joke would be just as erroneous as taking everything seriously

He does blow some things out of proportion, but most of the time, *he feels* he has a good reason to.

Its like dismissing a sarcasticgamer troll article as "just being sarcastic" when really they mean everything they said, and are less sarcastic now then they are jaded.

With zero, the argument could be made that he is jaded, but most of the time he tells the truth, albeit in a grandiose way.

"but but ur sayin' portal 2 sux!!! thumbs down! disagreex1100withalternateacco unts!"

NO, young laddy, I am not. BTW neither did Zero if you actual listened to what he said, so chill on the troll-patrol.

Menech4830d ago

Dude even he himself admits he's let his reviews slide as of late simply to make them funnier.

Not to mention he's completely biased to certain types of games and doesn't pretend otherwise.

His reviews are meant to be taken as a joke if you can't understand that I feel sorry for you.

soundslike4830d ago (Edited 4830d ago )

I guess now-a-days you have to spell everything out. If you actually understood my comment you'd find that I agree with you to a point. NOWHERE do I ever state it should be taken seriously.

The point is: It's not black and white.

some parts are jokes based in trying to make jokes, and some parts are jokes based in truth.

"The truth can be told, even in jest."

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JoeIsMad4830d ago

Humorous as usual, but it's sad to see that the reviwer couldn't find anything to really down on this with. Portal 2 was great, but he found almost NOTHING. Credit to Valve for that achievement.

Ness6194830d ago

Yeah that's exactly right. There's too much walking in a straight line without any puzzle solving, and when you finally get to a puzzle there are 3 spots in the room where you can shoot a portal so it's pretty obvious what to do. Too easy

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Steam's highest-rated game is now less than a dollar in the Spring Sale

Jack writes: "Yet again browsing the latest offers in the Steam Spring Sale has led us to track down the very best. In terms of price to quality, we don’t think that it gets much better than this. Portal 2 is now less than a dollar, and if you haven’t got it already, now is the time to pick it up."

TheEroica127d ago

Portal deserves to be one of steams highest rated games... It's almost tetris levels of perfect game design.

TheEnigma313127d ago

It's a great game, but highly overrated. But for $1, it's an amazon deal.

Friendlygamer127d ago

Valve should bring their games to ps5

Kados126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Gotta love Steam. Just got Portal 2 for .97 cents CAD. Should have been $1.29, selected the bundle with Portal 1 and 2, which gets a 25% discount, already have Portal 1, so it removes the cost of that, and still applies the full 25% bundle discount to Portal 2. 90% + 25% discount.

Friendlygamer125d ago

That's sweet, I've been thinking about building a modest pc to play some oldies


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thorstein134d ago

.... from the 2000s (mostly).

shinoff2183134d ago

I can't fk with this list. They missed on alot of games probably before the writers times. Also I know people loved some portal but I was never a fan.

Cacabunga134d ago

Tomb Raider 1
Driver 1
Abe’s Odyssey
King of Fighters 94
Mortal Kombat OG
LINK 2 the past
Street Fighter 2
Resident Evil 1

Inverno134d ago

Infinite but not the first two games? Witcher 3 but not the first two games?? GTA V but not literally any of the games before it??? Portal 2 but not the first? Also if you're going to play Shadow of The Colossus play the remaster and not the remake. Can't say I disagree with the list but my man it's all over the place.

Name Last Name134d ago

I mean some sequels are objectively better and you don’t need to play the whole series.

Inverno134d ago

But most of these games have a story to follow, sure you can catch up with a YouTube vid but where's the fun in that?

LucasRuinedChildhood133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

A list like this isn't telling you not to play the previous games if you want to. It's just giving you legendary games to play.

But tbh, you don't always have to force yourself to play every entry in a franchise to get to the better ones.

- The vast majority of Witcher 3 players never played the first 2 and had a great time. The first 2 games aren't in the same league.
- The GTA games are self-contained with the odd fun reference. You can easily jump into any of them.
- The Shadow Of The Colossus remake looks and controls better than the original (plus it has a 60fps option while the remaster is just 30fps). New players will enjoy it more.
- Portal 2 is a lot better than Portal 1 and takes the concept much further gameplay-wise. Storywise, Portal 1 is fairly light too. Not that you shouldn't play it but realistically ... you'd love Portal 2 whether you play it or not (at lot of Portal 2 players have never played 1).

Bioshock 1 is the only one I agree with you on simply because it's one the best games of all time and arguably better than Infinite. No other setting like Rapture.

Looking at the list, I'd recommend playing Uncharted 1 before 2 but no doubt, 2 is the legendary one you have to play.

Inverno133d ago

I get it, but that's just my opinion on his opinion. I just think that before you play a sequel you should still play what came before it. Maybe it's just me but i find it fascinating playing through the first game in a series and seeing how it has evolved through its sequels. Like I said I don't disagree with the list, other than SoTC which I strongly believe the remaster of the original should be played above the remake.

AuraAbjure133d ago

Awesome list! Hot take on Fear (and it's hard af expansion Persaus Mandate!) Bioshock Infinite is stellar, so is the Witcher 3 and you nailed it by having Ocarina of Time. So many fantastic games! Gotta play 'em all! Next one on my list is Prey after I beat Dead Space 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction.