EA Week on Steam - Day Three: The Sims Day

Steam continues its week-long EA-themed sale, with each day offering a different set of discounts. Monday featured the Dragon Age franchise, Tuesday offered savings on Need for Speed, and today you can save on The Sims games, with savings up to 50%.

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theherp802813d ago

never been a huge sims fan. Just dont see the appeal.

rrquinta2813d ago

I was a huge fan of Sims 1 and 2, but still haven't really gotten into 3. I did buy the games when EA had a big sale a few months back, but have honestly been to busy to play it yet :S.

admiralvic2813d ago

I agree, but if someone didn't try odd things we would all be doing the same thing.

fluffydelusions2813d ago

Chicks dig it. It's like a virtual doll house.

Modestmex2813d ago

for some reason i cant play the Sims3 i cant get into it like the Sims2.

banjadude2813d ago

Believe me, you aren't the only one.

My sister is terribly annoyed with the Sims 3. She was a huge fan for Sims 1 and 2. I think she said her main complaint was the "aspirations"... whatever that is.

aquamala2813d ago

Cheaper on amazon download, sims 3 is 19.99 there

rrquinta2813d ago

Yeah, I was able to get the Deluxe version not that long ago (which includes Ambitions) for $25. That's the best price I've seen so far, even during Black Friday. But that is for the disc version, not the digital one.

TheLiztress2813d ago

Good deal on the games. I've already gotten Sims 3 for the PS3 and PC but haven't played too much. I think it's the same reason others give: It doesn't appeal quite as much as the second one did.