Brink: Get SMART Series: Classes

Bethesda have released the latest video in their 'Brink: Get SMART' series. The fifth video gives us even more insight into classes.

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crematory2725d ago

i would buy this game if it has dedicated server:(

TomInc2725d ago

I know they announced standalone ones for PC.. are they not having any for the consoles? Would be surprised..

TreMillz2725d ago

Well i hope it doesnt have a lag fest cuz i just payed it off yesterday, if reviews are bad switching it with L.A. Noire

S_C2725d ago

I want to buy this game but there is somthing and i dont know what it is holding me back a bit. Its all down to the reviews for me

TheGameFoxJTV2725d ago

Would you really trust the reviews for a game like this when most reviewers give CoD games 9-10 every year? Gaming Reviews are jokes.

darkgoon3r962725d ago

Well it is confirmed that Brink will work on P2P on consoles, but P2P isn't THAT bad, is it? I mean sometimes, it works, like in MW2 and COD4, they aren't that laggy...

Snappy2725d ago

Looks interesting , defo LA Noire hands down getting my hard earned cash like but this looks promising, see how it turns out.

soundslike2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

I'm liking how they refine positive reinforcement for players to choose different classes instead of just saying "pick engineer or we lose noob" like BF2 and such. That's one of the biggest negatives in classed based games matches without organized teams. The game really needs to make the selfish want to play along or it becomes really frustrating for those that would use teamwork anyway.

Example: You need medics to revive and win, but you want to be a medic because they also give a health buff. That tiny little buff will make a big difference with certain people who hate going out of their box (ahem snipers)

darkgoon3r962725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

You don't have to use Engineer in BC2, also in BC2, Health regeneration is insanely slow, Medics get Medkits to regenerate health much faster.

Oschino19072725d ago

I only played Hardcore in BFBC2, Softcore was for noobs and made the game cheap beyond belief with so many player aides. Only prob with Hardcore was when douches showed up just to snipe and nothing else, otherwise much better experiance IMO for the more skilled players.

soundslike2725d ago

I didn't say BC2

but since you brought it up: how many times have you lost a match because there 10 snipers hanging out in the back?

Oschino19072725d ago

Exactly, I see it as a KZ2-3 and BFBC2 with only the things you like and none of the stuff that causes problems. With the depth of customization and multi staged levels (10maps to start with two sides to play through) this will have a ton of replay value cause who doesnt love a in depth, team based, objective driven and most importantly BALANCED game. Can't Wait!!!!!! (Bart Scott, LOL)

darkgoon3r962725d ago

yea, but if this game has a lag fest then the game is ruined for me right there