OXM: Can High Moon make a game worthy of Transformers?

OXM: "Hands up if you're aching for a chance to get your hands on Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. No takers? We don't blame you. War for Cybertron wasn't without its charms, but nothing short of Arkham Asylum level fan service could have scourged the memory of 2007's ghastly instalment from our spongy biological hard drives."

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dirigiblebill2751d ago

It's blasphemous, but I'd love to see a LEGO Transformers videogame.

antauwnehart2751d ago

I hope so a liked the cartoon series!I use to watch it when I was younger.

CobraKai2751d ago

I want a Star Wars Transformers Crossover game. How insane would that be!!