Gamerzitch: Red Faction Demo & First Impressions

The Red Faction: Armageddon demo was released today and this is a quick summary of the demo and my opinions.

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bumnut2723d ago

Is this console only? any news on a pc demo?

antauwnehart2723d ago

The graphics look great for a game with so much destruction!

Kingdom Come2723d ago

After playing the Demo, I have many different opinions. First of all, the new weapons are a delight to use, but, the locations don't allow you to use he weapons to their full potential. Had the Magnet Gun featured in Guerrilla, we could throw a truck at a tower, causing it to crumble before your eyes, unfortunately, the closest we get to this is the ability to throw a pipe at a wall. However, this will most likely change in the larger locations and the above ground sections. The suit was a blast to use and felt mighty and powerful as it rightfully should. The new abilities felt good.

My main problem is the limited possibilities with the scenery with the magnet gun and the focus on alien enemies, of whom when fighting against feel unsatisfying, they leap from wall to wall but are unbelievabley easy to defeat due to the players strong arsenal of weapons. Hopefully the human combat will be more engaging. Also, the world didn't feel populated.

But, overall, the Demo was great fun, it's just the standards for a Red Faction game are high after Armaggeddons predecessor. Hopefully it can match Guerrilla...

Snappy2723d ago

LOL how gutted am i, as everyone must know psn is still down so i though ill go on my 360 and download the demo only to be told i need to re purchase gold member ship lol f**k that.

loveassassin132723d ago

Oh shit you just reminded me my membership is almost up!