Full picture & setting Assassin's Creed: Revelations revealed

TechNoid writes: "Just now the full screenshot of Assassin's Creed: Revelations has been revealed."

Check out the screenshot after the click.


TechNoid writes: "Based on a few sources we can assume that the mosque is in fact the Hagia Sophia, which got back into the hands of the Islam right around the time Ezio was born. Before this takeover, however, a lot of Templar might have passed by. Seeing as how this was around the time of the crusades, when all treasures were brought to Europe.

A lot of relics we're to be found in the church, which gives Ubisoft a chance to hide a piece of Eden.

The last bit of information we found is the symbol with an inscription of Sultan Suleiman, the very man that captured Constantinopel around that time. The inscription litterally reads: "Sulaiman, son of Selim Khan, ever victorious.".

Other sources claim this is his signature, backed up by the many documents on which it can be found."

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iamnsuperman2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

it also says 24061459 in the trailer date???? sorry got the date wrong its 1459

according to wikia that is when ezio was born

iamnsuperman2751d ago

The possibility that the first screen was Altaïr this screen as something to do with Ezio maybe the next screen will have something to do with the 3rd Assassin??

Vherostar2750d ago

Are people not getting sick of these now they pumping them out every 6 months! Worse than COD for a money making machine!

ReddTN2751d ago

The siege of Asfara (May-June 1495) took place in that time period.


Istanbull2750d ago

It will take place in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire. You can see the Sultan's seal, in Turkish we call it "Tugra", and you see the Aya Sofya mosque.

SnakeMustDie2751d ago


This is pretty confusing because I thought we are going to play as Altair in this one. If the setting is true then Revelations might be another Ezio game.

fl1pp132751d ago

I guess we are going to see another assassin in constantinopel..

SnakeMustDie2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I doubt that Desmond can have two ancestors running around at the same time unless the other one is a female assassin.

This game might also reveal the Desmond's destined partner.

We might also get a chance to play as Giovanni

siyrobbo2751d ago

maybe they added some sort of co-op

xdye0172751d ago

it can't be another ezio game....he's like 50 years in the last game. He's gettin old for this sh!t!

xdye0172751d ago

24061459 is when ezio was born...24th June 1459 (i think)

ReddTN2751d ago

1459 is indeed the year when Ezio was born.

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The story is too old to be commented.