"Nintendo Selects" Box Art Uncovered

After rumors earlier today that Nintendo was planning to unveil a budget line of games, box art for four games, along with shots of the new Wii bundles, surfaced.

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jay22729d ago

Nice stuff. Not that I'd by any, I've got Zelder and Browl and they'd be the only games I'd get.

rrquinta2729d ago

Well, it will be interesting to see if these 4-5 games are the only ones they reveal will be part of the budget program or not. I would love to see Punch Out!, since I haven't yet had a chance to get that one.

theherp802729d ago

why did it take them so long for this to happen. maybe now i can get some of the older nintendo games at a reasonable price.

rrquinta2729d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure, TBH. They have had a discount program in Japan, but I guess they were still riding the "Wii is the s***" wave and figuring Grandmas wouldn't know any better and keep paying full price for Zelda, even after three years, or whatever.

Seedhouse2729d ago

They look fake to me?

Logos seem out of place and don't align with the rest of the artwork/ case, and the Wii branding looks as if it's layered on top of another image.

rrquinta2729d ago

Well, they could be fake, but only time will tell.

LoaMcLoa2729d ago

Oh, so it's like Player's Choice on the Gamecube?

Heck yeah!

NESpower2729d ago

They said in another link they are only $19.99. I'm buying some for sure.

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