GamesRadar - Transformers: Dark of the Moon - first hands-on preview

GamesRadar - With some real diversity shown in later levels, including a stealth-based one starring Mirage, a new ninja Autobot, and an intense flight level pitting Starscream against the Aerialbots, Dark of the Moon really surprised us. Though we’ve yet to see what the multiplayer is like (though we will soon) and the game’s mid-June release date is pretty close, it seems like High Moon Studios might just have found a way to make the Bay films palatable to all Transformers fans. Now if they could just include a Stan Bush song in the credits.

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BlackTar1872778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Can't open the website can anyone confirm if this is COop Online?

KingDustero2778d ago

Nothing is said about the online yet other than the fact there'll be some type of multiplayer.

Anyways the game does seem to sound promising. However since it'll be published by Activision I won't be buying it new. I'm not going to give those greedy bastards another sent until they have someone new running them.

BlackTar1872778d ago

Thats fair. I loved the last Transformers and this is the same group who made it. You should go buy a Used copy so they get no money and give it a try Coop and MP its alot of fun