Lair 2: It Could Work

IPC says: "There is no denying that the original Lair wasn’t good, this was mainly attributed to the game featuring flawed six-axis control. However the principle of controlling a dragon in a hack and slash type RPG hasn’t really been explored (well) so if your willing to indulge the ‘what if’ follow the link to see how I believe Lair 2 could actually work."

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Nitrowolf22777d ago

It can, both these titles can. As long as they fix everything that was wrong with the first ones and make them more playable they might be able to work then.

NewMonday2777d ago

Imagine Lair 2 developed by the makers of Warhawk, dragons for planes, chariots for cars and elephants for tanks. With battles taking place around magic cities with skyscraper high walls and flying islands.

Dsnyder2777d ago

I agree with Nitro. Look at Killzone 2 as a great example of what a second chance can do. I would love to see Lair 2 but only if they remove any and all motion control gimmicks. That would probably be likley with them though

jerethdagryphon2777d ago

'fixing' lair like that it wouldnt be lair it would be ego draconis more or less,
it doesnt need fixing the story was basic but good the sound rocked only the controllers needed fixing

its not a hack and slash rpg its a fun game

Nitrowolf22777d ago

Lair one had potential. The concept wasn't bad but the execution was by many. I think they could really make this game good if they tried again or got another team to do it (maybe Santa Monica?. I still think the idea is great and would be awesome if devs did it right.

yewles12777d ago

If only Factor 5 could've focused less on making it their depiction of a Dragon "Sim", then perfecting the combat mechanics, it would've been MUCH more playable.

death2smoochie2777d ago

The game had potential but they tried too much with it.
First off make i 720p Native not trying to go higher.
Improve the textures and not make the game so repetitive.

mixelon2777d ago

Agreed, I have a "Lair's failure shouldn't discourage dragon games" article a bit like this in the pipeline. XD Good to see people saw the potential in Lair. I'd rather see it continued as a dragon flight/action game like the original though, just a GOOD one this time.

We have enough big dragony RPGs incoming i think.

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The story is too old to be commented.