de Blob 2 Review (El33tonline)

Oltman at El33tonline writes:

"In a world where post-apocalyptic, brown, desolate and boring worlds dominate game settings, it is refreshing and a bit surprising that a game all about colour can actually be a lot of fun. de Blob 2 is just such a game. De Game is de good!

In this sequel to the 2008 Wii exclusive de Blob, a game I was unfortunately not privileged to play, we see the return of Blob, the hero of many colours. The villain from the first game, Comrade Black, is back and has set his sights on Prisma City, from where he does what he does best: he turns everything to black and white. Blob and his friends at Colour Underground are soon on the case to set things back the way it should be."

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