Top 5: Best games to mow down zombies

If there's one thing we love more than beating down a zombie, it's beating down a whole army of them. There's something so satisfying about mowing through an advancing horde of the undead.

Here are MSNBC's Top 5 favorite zombie games.

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MK_Red4022d ago

They made the list complex. It should have been:
1.Dead Rising
2.Dead Rising
3.Dead Rising
4.Dead Rising
5.Dead Rising

I know it's not really popular but I personally love it. Superb game IMO and one that really one can mow down zombies in it.

Twizlex4022d ago

Hahaha, agreed. Dead Rising is better than all of those other games combined, with the exception of Resident Evil 4 which is ALMOST half as good as Dead Rising.

okcomputer4022d ago

are you kidding me? doom 3 and resident evil 4 are in another class. Both are waaaay better than dead rising.

Twizlex4022d ago

Well, technically there were no zombies in Doom 3 or Resident Evil 4, just like the "Zombies" in 28 Days/Weeks Later weren't technically zombies. And you certainly don't "mow down" hordes of them. Nothing tops Dead Rising in that department.

bym051d4022d ago

State of Emergency gives you the same feeling even though it's not zombies.

SuicidalTendencies4022d ago

There was no zombies in RE4. It was parasites that took over the villagers.

fe104022d ago

Dead Rising is one of the best xbox360 games.