Sony Online Entertainment Contact Users Regarding Hack Attempt

Following the reports that Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) online network has been taken offline the company has begun contacting registered members of its service. Offering official comment on the situation and advising consumers with what to do, the situation is all too familiar at present.

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supremacy3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

And so the cycle continues... Sony will need to equipt themselves with some very sophisticated security measure to protect its gamers from any further inconviniences.

A hefty investment, but a much needed one.

noodi13493596d ago

They should hire this guy to take out the hackers.

Sarevok3596d ago

That was awesome..
I want him to be my Sensei.

Bagsey683596d ago

Damn was hoping to be playing DCUO this week, guess i'll have to wait a bit longer. Awesome vid by the way :)