IGN: PSN 'Welcome Back' Program Reader Reactions

What do IGN readers think of Sony's PSN peace offering? Let's find out...

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death2smoochie4344d ago

Oh oh...Evil know it won't go well on N4G.COM

Headquarters114344d ago

Well to be fair, that second to last comment on there does have a point. In the end you're really not getting anything unless you keep paying for PS+.

Nobody cares about PS+ the people who do are already subscribed. Such BS!!!! They should've added at least a couple new features or something.

Cardenjs4344d ago

You all act like sony is handing you a blank envelope. If someone gives you a free month of WoW are you gonna be like "If i cant continue using WoW after a month, its like im getting nothing."?

King_many_layers4344d ago

Yeah that's right.

They should have suffered a huge attack that damaged their reputation and fanned the flames of the internet hate machine.
Then offer a scheme in which there will be free content available for all current PSN users followed up on with a 30 day subscription to a service that allows for discounted items and occasional free content (which often saves a person more money than if they were to buy it seperately)

And top it all off by adding new features to the system that they have to Rush like they never have before to get out the door... ??

some people are so unnapreciative that they simply do not deserve what they are being offered at no price in order to make up for the inconveniences that have came our way and Sony's way. (they are a victim aswel as us)

sprayNpray4343d ago

Sony giveth, and Sony taketh away.

What else is new?

Menech4343d ago

A lot of people need to grow up on here it's just a bit of fun and yes it is funny.

You all find the "pew pew" Kevin Butler adverts funny and yet you suddenly lost your sense of humour.

NewMonday4343d ago


Any PSN+ game or content you download during the month will be yours forever; there will be extra stuff outside PSN+ content for everyone

NewMonday4343d ago

To correct myself the "forever" part only applies to discount purchases apparently.

gamingdroid4343d ago

"Sony giveth, and Sony taketh away. "


That laugh, the real hacker is Master Chief! That's awesome!

miyamoto4343d ago

This is really lame action from IGN.

It's IGN who showed us what they think in this video, not us.

How can you think that Microsoft was behind all these trouble Sony is dealing with.

The PSN outage is Sony's problem with hackers not with Microsoft.

IGN have gone too far with this.

Instead of being part of the solution IGN is more and more part of the problem... a very big problem.

Istanbull4343d ago

reported for crying too much

thereapersson4343d ago

More liek Master THIEF, amirite?

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lil Titan4344d ago

why didnt you see what your so called IGN users think of xbox live when it went down? Because every comment is from a sure certified PS3 owner theres no chance of them NOT owning a PS3 im never going to IGN again not that i have anyway

KeiserSosay47884344d ago

Why so butthurt? It's not a big deal. I thought the video was pretty funny. Hope I can play socom tomorrow!

Ja555on4344d ago

there is more to this article than just the video you know?

Silly gameAr4344d ago

I think it's funny that some guy said that he's never going back, but didn't have a PS3 in the first place. Kind of tells you who is the most vocal about this circus act.

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goaliegonzalez284344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

kinda funny i guess

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