DS vs. PSP: Five Ways Nintendo Clobbered Sony (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): December 12, 2004 was the last day we went bonkers for something that released in Japan.

Said product was Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP), the captivating handheld that was supposed to uplift us from the "handheld gaming ghetto" (Sony's words) and deliver a console quality experience in the palm of our hands.

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cochise3132752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Nintendo clobbered Sony huh, yet the psp went on to sell close to 70 million units; interesting.

UNCyrus2752d ago

You forget to mention that this was Sony's first ever attempt into the handheld market. And the only successful handheld EVER released by any company other than Nintendo.

Sitdown2752d ago

The Game Gear wasn't successful? Also you forgot to add that Sony did it at a higher price point as well.......I think.

UNCyrus2752d ago


Game Gear only sold 11 million units worldwide... not considered highly successful.

bwazy2752d ago

Ancient flamebait article about last gen systems? (well technically somewhat current in the case of the PSP). This is one of the less useful articles I've seen on N4G in a LONG while. And thats saying A LOT.

Pedobear Rocks2752d ago

33% market share from nothing...not bad for the PSP.

admiralthrawn872752d ago

not bad? yet if it was the opposite you would've said "ds had a meager 33% market share...epic fail"

Pedobear Rocks2752d ago

How the fuck do you know what I would say?

1998gamer2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Well Nintendo has had no real competition at all until the Psp in the handheld gaming. So yeah if Nintendo only had 33% market share right now it would EPIC FAIL!

BubbleSniper2752d ago

this article crap an not even worth pickin sides....

grew up with 1000 lb. PCs an Nintendo

matured with PlayStation

growin old wit all 3.

throw this article into the firepit!

Ddouble2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

"Fast forward seven years later, and we own multiple DS systems and a healthy library of games. Meanwhile, those PSPs have either been sold or currently collect dust in our attics."

Speak for yourself. Mine is been played constantly.
Why do these articles try to make it seem like the PSP is dead. Are they not seeing the Media Create sales?

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