The Dumbest Arguments Surrounding the PSN Downtime Controversy

GameFront, "What is it about the PlayStation 3 in particular that attracts some of the stupidest “debate” this side of the Internet? I sometimes wonder if the PS3 is a close third to religion and politics in terms of subjects guaranteed to start a staggeringly stupid fight. While the Xbox 360 and the Wii have their fair share of loyalists, there’s something particularly zealous about those who intimately adore their PS3s, and it seems to inspire a brand of lunacy that is without compare."

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iamnsuperman2728d ago

"Everything can be hacked, Internet security is bad everywhere, this could happen to anyone" the most stupid paragraph on the list. We have no idea how strong Live is and hackers are a determined bunch. The reason why it made front page is because this kind of hack hasn't happened to the gaming industry. This has opened a lot of minds in the industry about security. It just happened to Sony first.

The RROD argument has been totally missed by this guy. The reason why it appears is because articles appear of Sony being doomed. The RROD was a costly mistake by Microsoft which hasn't jeopardised their reputation and sales. The reason why that argument worked is because it is a hardware problem and if a hardware proves to be faulty a lot of people are going to be put off and changing hardware is hard. Its a response to stupid doom articles

Christopher2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

***Gamers, man. F***ing gamers.***

Am I to take this statement from the author to mean that he is a non-gamer writing about gamers?

Edit: wait, why is Jim writing for another gaming site now? Don't tell me is cutting back on their bat-s**t insane post quota.

Nitrowolf22728d ago

It's Jim Sterling
of course he not a gamer

move along

thugbob2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )


You are missing the point of the article. The point is people are defending SONY instead blaming them for what happened.

I personally blame SONY for what happened as well as the hackers, but I'm also willing to forgive SONY. PSN being down sucked, but now that it's almost over, I'm over it. Can't wait to start playing online again.

EDIT: A disagree? So it's not SONY's fault that PSN got hacked? SONY is not responsible for protecting our information? I never knew... I guess I'm wrong... At least I'm willing to admit it...

MaxXAttaxX2728d ago

That's all I have to say to the author(Jim Sterling).

Christopher2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I think what people are fixated on is who to blame rather than the whole picture.

Is it Sony's fault? Without a doubt.

Are they the only ones to blame? Nope.

Does this mean they don't care about their customers? Far from.

Should I abandon Sony? Up to you, but if you've enjoyed their service(s) and/or games in the past, there's really no reason you should.

Why is the gaming community filled with such hatred and bias towards the different companies? Because we're only human, and many humans look for someone to cheer for and support over others, just like sport fanatics.

Edit: regardless if Sony is or isn't found negligent of the break in security that lead to the current situation, it is still at least partially Sony's fault. That doesn't mean Sony could have done much to catch and prevent this attack, but they are still at fault for it. That also doesn't mean they were negligent, it just means they weren't prepared for this specific attack.

Edit #2: thug bob said it well below. Neither of us are attacking Sony, only saying that when you look for faults, you have to include Sony in there due to their responsibility involved in securing our data. Even if there was nothing they could have done to prevent it. What's more important now is the lengths Sony is going to to improve the security of their infrastructure now and in the future.

rob60212728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )


While I do think Sony may to blame here - the fact of the matter is Sony is getting sued for this. The government is looking into seeing if Sony was negligent in protecting our personal info. I think you're jumping the gun on blaming Sony, we don't really know what kind of security Sony had. In time, our justice department will handle this. It's perfectly fair to defend Sony, until we really know there was wrong doing on their side. Innocent until proven guilty.

Focker4202728d ago


I don't see it that way. I don't blame Sony at all for what happened. Its not their fault hackers broke through their security.

Just like I don't blame a bank when it gets robbed. I blame the person that robs the bank. I don't say "Hey bank, why wasn't your security good enough to stop that robbery? Its all your fault that person robbed you."

Or someone that murders another person. I blame the murderer, not the victim. I don't say "Hey victim, why didn't you stop that guy from killing you?? Its your fault he killed you"

I know those examples may be a little more extreme but it reflects my views on whose to blame between a perpetrator and a victim. I don't blame Sony one bit in this whole ordeal. There was nothing to justify the breech in the first place.

thugbob2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

@rob6021 and Focker420

Fair enough. I wouldn't go as far as to say that SONY was neglecting to protect our information as they did have several security firmware updates, but for people to say that SONY isn't at fault at all is absurd in my opinion.

Do I think SONY should be sued? Hell no. People are just using this as an easy attempt at getting money and I hope they fail in doing so.

It's unfortunate that this happened, but I'm willing to forgive. SONY is obviously putting a lot of effort into making sure PSN is protected this time thus the reason why it is taking long for PSN to be brought back.

Focker4202728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )


I do understand where you're coming from. Just I always think if we never had these hackers, or any thieves for that matter, then there'd be no need for cyber security or anything like that. If we were all honest people than everyone would be fine and never worry about their stuff getting stolen.

Unfortunately this isn't a perfect world and there are a ton of pieces of trash out there that take pleasure in ruining people's lives. Ultimately those are the ones I blame.

Sony did have a security system set up, and it just so happens the hackers got past it. I don't fault Sony for that. I don't expect them to have military level security systems set up just to protect the PSN. I mean who would have ever thought this would be the outcome?

Even systems in the government get hacked, so you really can't expect Sony to stop every attack if the government can't even do it. There shouldn't even need to be a security system set up, but because of people like these hackers there does. And thats why I put the blame 100% on the hackers, not Sony.

DarkTower8052728d ago

@ Thugbob, yes, it is Sony's fault. But it's just as much fault as Firefox, MS and Google when I get viruses through my web browser. I even bashed Sony for a bit, but now I realize that the shutdown was the best thing they could have done, and I think Sony even knew a shutdown to patch security holes was inevitable.

We consumers don't even blink an eye anymore when we get viruses browsing the internet. Sony has 1 breach and people want heads to roll, kinda dumb imo.

rockleex2728d ago

How did this fanboy trolling piece of an article even make the cut?

N4G, where standards go lower and lower each day.

wsoutlaw872728d ago

The truth is we do not know who is too blame here. If Sony slacked on security then its their fault. But, we don't know that for sure so why try to decide with out the facts. You could believe the articles, but they have been shown false when they said everyones cc # and security codes were taken and passwords were completely unprotected.
Either way the person doing it is too blame. A crime is the criminals fault no matter how easy it was to do. Making an article like this is just a way to show hate when jumping to conclusions towards those with a different opinion, and half of the arguments, like the very first one, are false. I love articles who call out fanboys while using clearly biased opinions in the article.

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rob60212728d ago


I agree with you on your assessment, In my college classes for Network security you learn early on that anything can be hacked. The guy is arguing against a pretty standard network security principal.

I don't see why it isn't a good argument that this was the work of determined hackers. If it was so insecure why did it take 5 years for hackers to get to the info? We know recently Sony got tagged as a target for hackers.

B1663r2728d ago

Wow you failed to understand the whole thesis of network security. I hope you didn't pay a lot for that class. I will try and re-explain the concept to you...

Yes, with time and access any lock can be defeated. In fact that is how safe locks are rated, by how long they take to defeat.

That is why you have a security guard standing in front of the safe with a gun. Well he doesn't have to have a gun, but the point of the lock is to delay the thieves until the security guard can call the police.

That is where Sony screwed up. The main part of any network security system is that security guard. He wasn't hired until this last week.

But they also seemed to be lacking any sort of trip wire system...

And I don't care how many firewalls they said they had hooked up, they were obviously not doing anything.

Then the week to notify the public about what had happened... Well that gets back to that security guard that didn't exist.

So to recap, you can have the perfect security system in the world, but if there is no one monitoring it...

You get the Sony PSN breach.

ComboBreaker2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

claiming Sony fanboys are zealots, and in the name of their Microsoft lord, must be sent to hell. LOL.

Xbox Zealot: "Your Sony religion is wrong. Our Microsoft religion is right. All Sony zealots must be destroyed."

Sony Zealot: "Why? We're just trying to play our games peacefully, without disturbing others. Why must you destroy us? Can't you just leave us alone like we left you alone?"

Microsoft Zealot: "Because you're a savage and your PS3 religion is wrong. As an American, I must educate you and impose the one and only true 360 religion upon you and the rest of the world."

The Japanese: "We laughed at your feeble attempt to try to overrun our country with your Microsoft religion."

tehReaper2728d ago

Sony Zealot: "Why? We're just trying to play our games peacefully, without disturbing others. Why must you destroy us? Can't you just leave us alone like we left you alone?"

That's NEVER the case. Most PS3 fanboys do NOT play their games and just leave everyone alone. They shove their exclusives so high up they don't even care about multi-platform games anymore. Exactly the opposite attitude that gamers should have.

Games are games, made for gamers. Exclusive, multiplat, it doesn't matter.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Lol, Jim Sterling.

elite-shot2728d ago

Dumb article please dont approve

BrianG2728d ago

One of the dumbest things I keep seeing is "Don't you get it, our credit card information was stored in PLAIN TEXT!!!".

Idiots haha.

rabidpancakeburglar2728d ago

Stupidest article I've read in quite a while. I assumed that the dumb arguments would be the people blaming sony, I wasn't expecting a fanboy article

solidjun52728d ago

it's a fanboy "journalist." (I say that loosely). No one should be surprised it's from monocle fanboy jim.

solidjun52728d ago

Jim Sterling: Stupidest "Journalist" on Earth. I'm sure kancerkid will defend him to the death. >_>

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