11 members of Congress argue Sony is unfairly hurting Xbox in Japan-Axios

In letters obtained by Axios, reps blast an “imbalanced Japanese video game market.”

SinisterMister65d ago

So the government is getting in on this now, huh

sparky7765d ago

As they should, Sony is preventing Xbox gamers playing JP games like Final Fantasy which is why they dominate in JP. And since Sony doesn't count Nintendo they have a monopoly.

Sony shouldn't have poked the bear that is MS, you can bet after the deal is done they will go scorched earth on Sony.

MS has the money and power to make Sony disappear so they best keep silent from here on if they want to remain relevant.

blackblades65d ago

Sony hasnt done much like Nintendo is getting JP games as well. The only company is square that they are doing a couple of deals outta dozens of games.

isarai65d ago

They dominate the Japanese market because it is a Japanese company. And not all PS exclusive jp titles are exclusive due to exclusivity deals. Yeah FF for sure is, but there's dozens if not hundreds of jp games that are exclusive simply because they dont see the point in putting it elsewhere. Also MS has exclusivity deals too, doesnt matter where they're from. If MS was that concerned about it they would have finished Scalebound or Phantom Dust

shinoff218365d ago

Kinda like ms has already gone and cornered the western rpg market. From things I've read ms doesn't even try in Japan anymore. They did during the 360 and after about 4 5 jrpgs they just said nah. That's on ms

Outside_ofthe_Box65d ago


Would Sony buying SE make it fair?

Servbot4165d ago

Why would Yoshi-P make a game for Xbox when Microsoft specifically said "no, we don't want your previous game, FF14n on our console."

Redemption-6465d ago

Yeah, like making donations to some of these politicians right? You Xbox fanboys would co-sign corruption if MS does it. You claim MS has money and power, yet they refuse to invest in the Japanese market, yet their have enough money to encourage some politicians to spread lies.

Microsoft can literally work with more Japanese studios, open Studios and releases games that appeals to the Japanese market, they can also advertise their products in Japan, they don't and cry about the Japanese government or Sony getting in their way.

Huey_My_D_Long65d ago

What the fuck are you on about? I didn't realize this gamer shit is becoming a fucking national issue.
Sony dominates Japan if we don't count Nintendo? Well no shit...not sonys fault MS is a real competitor over there.
I like how Apple does well in japan.
Shows if a foreign company actually wants to make headway in Japan, they totally can.
MS never gave a fuck about Japan.

notachance65d ago

some shitty efforts from MS for further appeal to ABK deal there with obvious lobbying lmao

conveniently skipped Nintendo and PC overwhelming dominance over Sony in japan with ultra specific “high-end console market space” phrase, when in any other day they’d claim PC is one of their environments until their throat is sore

what’s funny is how these congressmen suddenly understand “high-end console market space in japan” as if they’ve been a game connosieur all their lives, I don’t even think they can even name all Xbox console right.

Justo90965d ago

Before its wait for E3 now its wait for activision deal is done LMAO! xbox 3rd place for life.

TheRunup5765d ago

Your rantings are like those of people that love the sound of their own voice. I know you're enjoying spending time in the fantasy world you've created for yourself though.

Reddrover21u65d ago

Sony and Nintendo dominate in Japan because they actually make games that people want to buy while Microsoft had a decade where they didn't put out anything to attract consumer.

I have no idea why you Xbox fans keep harping about how rich Microsoft is while last year they didn't put out anything except some average AA games while there competitors put a cigarette out on MS head

Protip: If you mr console of choice needs to bribe politicians to have a chance at competing, your console sucks.

fr0sty65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Those people are stopping American businesses from selling those play things in Japan, and this will not stand! We want the PlayBoxes to be fairly sold worldwide, we demand it! IF you do not start selling more good ol' American-made Nintendos in China, we're going to call for an investigation and subpoena Xi Jinping to testify before Congress!

kayoss65d ago

Sony nor Nintendo is preventing anything. Playstation and Nintendo sells more consoles so developers makes games for those consoles. Why would japanese developers make games for a consoles that only sales 300 consoles per month?

65d ago
lucian22965d ago

Xbox gamers don't like Japanese games. They just okay halo, gears and forza. That's why Sony dominates there.

Gamer_Dude65d ago

Yup, this is going to blow up in Sony's face. They should have taken the 10 year deal.

MeteorPanda65d ago

They released a few games on xbox..they don't sell man. lol You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. The community on xbox simply don't play jrpg.

Lost Odyssey was a damn hit of a game that deserved way more sales than it got.

1Victor65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@ sparky Kid here’s a lesson in business, companies follow the money if your distributor isn’t promoting your product and have it in the back of the store with a broken light while the distributor competition have it at the front door with bright lights, sales signs and sale 10x the other who do you think the company will look for to sale their product, the one that barely sale it in the back or the one that sales 10x by the front door, I know it’s hard to use logic but think about it.

It’s the one that sale the most and the company will keep going to the one that sales the most

EvertonFC65d ago

Go see a therapist fella, you need serious help

tay870165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Lmao ah ok. How long has MS had that same power and money to make Sony "disappear"? They have been in the game business now for what like 20 yrs now, and they ALWAYS finish last. Lol Sony are a smaller company, but they are FAR better at making games. Call me when they have blockbusters like the last of us, God of war, spiderman, uncharted etc. The only way they can try to compete is to buy up publushers like abk. It's really sad.

RedDevils65d ago

Some of these Xbox fanboy is beyond stupid, maybe is a next gen thing lmao.

dnawesum64d ago

"MS has the money and power to make Sony disappear so they best keep silent from here on if they want to remain relevant."
You just described the actions of a monopoly using threat, force and intimidation to further their means.

Congratulations, you played yourself.

Kekewei64d ago

Not just Japan, Sony dominated in certain countries because they care about the market outside of US. While MS is crying about Japan, Sony is pushing their investment to Korea, China, India , Thailand... "China Hero" project, Playstation studio Malaysia , just today they released a playstation story commercial in Thai.
And most importantly, the xsx supplyment to Asia is SHIT compared to PS5. The price of xsx here are much higher than PS5 because of that. By what Chinese says here, MS is treating us like monkeys, their console supply is like throwing bananas to monkeys just for fun.
MS's failure in Japan reflects his ignorance to the whole east. They have much to cry about, and it's def not because of one or two exclusives titles. Even in this case, MS pretend they care about Japan, but in real they are just using this as leverage to make Sony bend.

Vengeance113864d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Go touch grass xbot fanboy, you sound just like Microsoft, butt hurt and crying like a little baby.
MS can have all the studios it wants and it won't make a single difference lol they'll all just be mismanaged and closed years later. How's Halo working out for you? Oh that's right, its dead now.
How's Rare doing? Oh right they were mismanaged into oblivion.
How's Playground Games? Ahh all top veterans quit! Hahaha LOL I'd expect CoD to be a very dead franchise soon.

Binarycode64d ago

Japan doesn't buy American Consoles and never has. They are not interested and besides that.

Nintendo rules the roost in Japan and I don't ever see that ending.

One reason is the handheld market. It's massive out there.

SDuck64d ago

you speak of both companies as a whole in a contained market rivalry. MS ain't putting all their resources onto this. The sub division of MS dedicated to gaming is! Same goes for Sony's side. Translated into simple terms, Sony is bigger than MS in the gaming department

MrNinosan64d ago

Here is some of the jrpgs that was exclusive to Xbox, and they all flopped badly just for that reason.
We have no idea what games has been paid for time exclusivity or life time exclusivity, what we do know however is that Square and many other Japanese companies doesn't see profit in putting games on Xbox anymore, even thou they tried over and over again.

The mindset that only Sony reach out to SE is getting childish, as it's so far from the truth.

Eternal Sonata (Bandai Namco)
Octopath Traveler (SquareEnix)
Lost Odyssey (Mistwalker)
Blue Dragon (Mistwalker)
Infinite Undiscovery (SquareEnix)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope (SquareEnix)
The Last Remnant (SquareEnix)
Crystal Defenders (Square Enix)

Abear2164d ago

If by “scorched earth” you mean a couple legal treadmills and wasted dollars, sure, but you talk like MS if gonna go Taken on Sony, drop the phone and find them in their sleep, jeez, it’s legal video game BS, calm yourself

chrislinc7964d ago

Final Fantacy has nothing to do with it. MS just does not appeal to the JP. How well did the 360 do in JP, it had final fantasy and other rpg games. Maybe, just maybe it MS

Mr_Writer8564d ago (Edited 64d ago )

"As they should, Sony is preventing Xbox gamers playing JP games like Final Fantasy"..

And..........Oh is that it? Do you have any more examples of Japanese games Sony has blocked? And I mean where Sony have a written down deal that specifically excludes Xbox and not because of poor Xbox sales in Japan.

Another Xbox fanboy made a similar claim on Eurogamer, but funny enough they couldn't think of any more examples.

"Sony doesn't count Nintendo they have a monopoly" do you have a link to this claim?

sadraiden64d ago

How is that an American congressional area of concern?

How is it of the American Congress' power to affect the behavior of a Japanese corporation over another?

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blackblades65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

They need to stay out of it honestly, they don't know nothing about video games to begin with. Like the time they tried to blame video games for gun violence.

shinoff218365d ago

Exactly. Maybe a handful of them literally but the rest of them old ass white dudes don't know dick about gaming except its an easy scapegoat for a mass shooting. Also the first 1 that jumped on this bandwagon was a politician from Washington state itself. You know what company of the big 3 console makers is from Washington state right

Lifexline65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

No what they are doing is the right thing sony needs to be fined what they are doing that’s actually anticompetitive. They need to be regulated Japan needs to stop showing preferential treatment to Japanese companies if not the US should do the same

To pay a developer in Japan to exclude a game on Xbox definitely needs to be checked whether it sells or not is not the point. They shouldn’t be bitching about call of duty if that was the case. They brought this on themselves now need to be looked at closely and have their practices scrutinized and fined or file a lawsuit on.

wiz719164d ago

@blackblades that’s because we are morally sane individuals , but it’s some ppl who are crazy asf out there that will see stuff in movies and games .. then try to reenact something’s on real life

lelo2play65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Well, Sony open the the hornet's nest. Now they must deal with the consequences.

Many people claim Final Fantasy doesn't sell on Xbox. Basically, Sony doesn't need those Final Fantasy exclusives deals, since the Xbox market is irrelevant for japanese games. So by their logic, Sony is just throwing away money on these deals... apparently, the American Congress doesn't agree with those people.

CrimsonWing6965d ago (Edited 65d ago )

That’s the thing.

If Sony didn’t go full-r*tard on this and make all these outlandish claims to stop what is the 4th biggest revenue income publisher for them, under them no less, these things wouldn’t have come to light.

Now, all their scum bag practices got aired out. Officials declare MS acquisition not to be anti-competitive or a monopolistic move and as a result Sony is now being questioned by all the revelations that came about these court proceedings.

Should’ve just taken the deal…

shinoff218365d ago

Sony opened the honest message. What are you 12. We're you even alive during the Xbox 360 Era for fuks sake.

DarXyde65d ago

I would say it's fair enough that Sony is getting grief for this. I've said it before, but I fully understand their interests in trying to block the deal, but when you go to court and you're doing shady stuff, you CAN'T be upset when it comes to light that you've got some trade secrets and panic when they get aired out. In this regard, Microsoft did nothing wrong and Sony goofed.

And you make an interesting point on Sony essentially throwing away money. The only benefit I can see to this strategy is essentially commissioning publishers and developers to make the one console version the best that it can be. An incentive, if you will.

As for the American Congress, well... It's pretty much a democratic senator from Microsoft's home state and some right wing House members (who, if you don't know, are quite corporate capitalists; Democrats are too, but let's just say republicans are just more honest in how terrible they are). If Microsoft opens up their wallets even more, I'm sure they'll get the support they need from legislators with a price tag. If we see McConnell and/or Manchin get in on this, you'll know what's up.

Godmars29064d ago

Sony started this by buying a major publisher and several IPs? Having the money to do so yet failing to develop its own in-house games years after, decades, being in the industry.

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S2Killinit65d ago

Oh yeah, MS is pulling its lobbyists in congress.

tay870165d ago

Yah they are probably fearing them buying up a smaller Japanese publisher or 2. I'd trade ABK for Capcom and square all day long.

S2Killinit64d ago

I like how 6 people disagreed with my comment like there is any other reason. Lol

Same here. Also there are rumors of a certain large publisher that is in Sony’s crosshairs. At this point the rest of the multiplatform publishers are all for grab with the legal precedence that is about to be set by MS’s aquisition of Activision, so I hope Sony goes after some instead of some other corporate giant like tencent, apple, google, etc.

MADGameR65d ago

You know Bill Gates and the Builderbergers are in on this too

SullysCigar64d ago

He still has a big portion of his personal wealth in Microsoft, which means strings are being pulled, because he'll want to protect that. Big tech needs putting in it's place, THAT'S something congress should be involved with, not helping them to amass more power. They're only doing this because of orders from above and/or for personal interests.

DarXyde65d ago

This topic again..

Not gonna harp on it, just want to say that the timing is suspicious and you would be foolish to believe this uncritically.

Very curious about recent lobbying efforts.

Jin_Sakai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Japan don’t care about Xbox. But hey let’s blame Sony. And ignore the fact Nintendo is the one actually dominating.

Jin_Sakai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

“As they should, Sony is preventing Xbox gamers playing JP games like Final Fantasy which is why they dominate in JP.”

Square Enix could’ve easily said no to PS5 exclusivity but they didn’t. It’s not a one way street.

Jin_Sakai65d ago

Sony should buy Rockstar and tell Microsoft they have 10 years to come up with a GTA competitor.

tay870165d ago

It would be hysterical if that were to go down. They would be in full meltdown mode. Then all of the sudden It would be bad that Sony buys up a big publisher, when they have been screaming IF MS and ABK wants to do it, they should be able to.

S2Killinit64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The legal precedence set by MS’s acquisition means the rest of the industry will go the same route, there will be a frenzy of mergers amd acquisitions. There is already rumors of Sony aiming for exactly what you mentioned. Other mega corporations will also be aiming for the rest of the publishers so they can create their own services.

1Victor65d ago

🤦🏿 they( politicians) gotta protect their donors interests

ActualEngineer65d ago

Yeah, it's all a big plot so that Japan is forced to let MS buy Sega and Namco and have all 4 classic characters as their mascot. They will then replace the X in a circle with an X over pacman's face, as their logo. We will also see adds in the likes of Crash, Spyro, Sonic and Pac-Lady around an MS logo with the caption "the way it's ment to be plaid" 🤣

SullysCigar64d ago

The government is in bed with Microsoft, has been for years. How is this not a conflict of interests? How is this not straight up nepotism?

They do this kind of thing all the time at that level, looking after their buddies. (See: Ursula Von Der Leyen (AKA Ursula Fond o' Lyin') and her hubby's links during the vaccine rollout). Why should congress waste the tax payer's time and money dwelling on what happens in a foreign market that may or may not hinder the progress of a company that happens to be American? It's outside of their jurisdiction. Which is why it's plain to see it serves the interests of the individuals in congress rather than the American citizens...

neutralgamer199264d ago

And why did Microsoft buy zenimax and Activision along with 10+ other developers ?

US congressmen can't work on bill that could be improving American lives, we still have homeless people under the bridges, many of whom served in the military but instead these congressmen areworried about japanese gaming market. This is all Microsoft and their resources talking

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bleedsoe9mm65d ago

It's about time somebody is looking into Sony's business practices

isarai65d ago

It's not like they keep exclusivity deals private lol

lelo2play65d ago

Actually, they do keep those deals private... so does Microsoft and Nintendo.

shinoff218365d ago

What about ms practices. I do believe they have 3rd party exclusives to

BrainSyphoned65d ago

Ya their practices of not giving money to politicians like MS sure is suspicious.

TheRunup5765d ago

By "somebody" you mean paid for politicians MS has in their back pocket, of course.

bleedsoe9mm65d ago

Quite literally the design of representational government

ActualEngineer65d ago

As stated by sony themselves, they spend 2.5 million a year lobying in the US. Quite crying.