Reasons to Return to Oddworld

Alex Hilhorst writes, "Last year developer Just Add Water announced that they were working on various Oddworld games, an unexpected but exciting revelation. First came the Oddboxx, a collection of all the first four games made available late last year on Valve’s Steam Network, and later on other online marketplaces. Unfortunately for Mac users like me, various technical issues made it difficult (and costly) to port the game to the Mac OS platform, though Just Add Water said that if there was a high enough demand, they would consider making it available on Mac as well. As that hasn’t happened yet, things were looking grim, but at last week’s GameCity Nights in Nottingham, UK Just Add Water announced that the Oddboxx would be coming to other consoles, including the PSN, assuming of course, that it actually ever works again."

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Relientk772726d ago

It's a fantastic series, and the fans wants it.

NukaCola2726d ago

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus have greater art diretion than any game I have ever played. The gameplay is flawless, the story is perfect, the visuals rival anything made before or after their time, the sound was phenomenal, the overall experience was so damn captivating. I am excited to get ABE in HD coming next year as well!

ScubaSteve12726d ago

whats more laughable
abe says hi

follow me
gets angry

Scissorman822726d ago

I sincerely hope Hand of Odd can help get me off my StarCraft 2 addiction. ^_^