Archer Maclean’s Mercury Makes Puzzling Appearance On PS3 And Xbox 360

Siliconera writes "What else does Ignition have on their plate besides El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron? It appears a new version of Archer Maclean’s Mercury."

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waltyftm2728d ago

Really enjoyed the PSP version's of this, Hope the dont mess the it up on Ps3/360.

MasterChief36242728d ago

Indeed. Probably the most underrated PSP game out there in my opinion. Mercury is so amazing. I enjoyed Meltdown, but still way prefer the art style of the original. I preferred the progression and level/puzzle design in Meltdown though.

Though I'm sure it's unlikely they'll shy away from the very hippie-friendly art style of Meltdown, there's a part of me that hopes they make it in the art style of the original. That also seems like the best way to show off the HD graphics. :D

Either way, can't wait to learn more about this game at E3 :)