Gaming Union: Archer MacLean's Mercury Review

Gaming Union writes "Archer Maclean's Mercury was originally released in 2005 for the PlayStation Portable on UMD. However, the game has returned once again and it has been re-released on the PlayStation Network. The game was originally developed by the aptly named Awesome Studios and is essentially a puzzle game that combines an interesting mix of player control and quick thinking.

Initially the game may seem very similar to Marble based puzzle games, but it's actually very different. Since the controlled object isn't a solid, but instead a liquid, it adds a whole new experience to getting around a level. It's very easy, for example, to have the Mercury separated into smaller pieces by going around a corner the wrong way. However, will the mercury stick to together long enough to make it worthy of being a solid title, or will it just slide away over the edge?"

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mephman4393d ago

Definitely sounds solid. Worth picking up if you don't own it already.

Selyah4393d ago

Indeed it's definitely worth a look.

mephman4392d ago

I wonder how much it'll sell now it's in the PS Store