Top Five Potentially Awesome Fighting Game Crossovers

Check out the list of potential fighting game crossovers that will make fans scream with delight, if these crossovers were ever created.

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jc485732779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Virtua Fighter vs. Dead or Alive sounds like a good idea. Not sure about Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter. The other ideas are not so great either. Actually, Capcom vs. Nintendo is doable.

NukaCola2779d ago

Bloody Roar vs. Killer Instinct

antauwnehart2779d ago

You know for once I'm very impressed with someones top list! Hat off to the writer of this article.

GhettoBlasStarr2779d ago

Naruto Vs Dragon Ball would be EPIC!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.