Dwayne Johnson Solid as a Rock on Madden

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returned to the professional wrestling ring after an extended stay in Hollywood. Johnson, who got physical in Wrestlemania XXVII in Atlanta recently, is now back on the big screen in Fast Five. It's the second driving action movie in a row for the former WWE Champion, following Faster. And even his action turn in Will Farrell's The Other Guys involved some driving sequences through New York City.

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CrimsonEngage3548d ago

The Rock is awesome! I haven't watched wrestling since the attitude era. Now that he's back, i'm going to have to start getting back into it!

cr33ping_death3548d ago

yup... once he left i stopped watching... and am i the only one who thinks Kane needs his mask back on?

King_many_layers3548d ago

No you aren't. Even the creative team and executives now regret the decision.

captain-obvious3548d ago

i like Kane now
you could just feel more of his personality without his mask

Acquiescence3548d ago

He's an infinitely likeable presence. Kinda needs a cameo in Duke Nukem Forever.

MiyagiSPG3548d ago

Can you smell what the The Rock is cooking?

3548d ago
Relientk773548d ago

The Rock is one of the best Wrestlers ever

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