Zelda Tournament

With Ocarina of Time 3D just around the corner, IGN has made a tournament to decide the best Zelda game.

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Ayer992726d ago

Wow. So many hard choices. Like picking between GolenEye N64 and GoldenEye Wii.

Chocoboh2726d ago

Zelda Ocarina of Time is the best one hands down in my opinion. Fun times at the Water Temple ... fun times.

Solidestchimp2726d ago

i love ocarina of time so much but for some reason i rly love majora's mask more call me crazy hahaha :D

MakiManPR2726d ago

So many hard choices like Phantom Hourglass vs Spirit Tracks. I think the last ones will be OoT vs TP or MM

Ayer992726d ago

Can't forget about Wind Waker. It is probably just as good as TP and MM just in a different way. They say OoT changed the gaming world forever, but WW did the same, just on a smaller scale.

Jellzy2726d ago

I'm gonna be the odd ball here and say that 'the Wind Waker' is the best in the series.

HmongAmerican2726d ago

i agreed with you. 'Wind Waker' is the best and the music in that game is so good.

Ayer992726d ago

I tried to get my band to play the Theme for a festival, they didn't really like the idea...