Hands-on Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed

From the get-go fans of the previous PS2 efforts will notice that Big Willy Unleashed is a true sequel, bringing back many of the items, controls, and strategies as the previous games. You'll again attack earth by foot and in air, either controlling Crypto directly or by piloting a UFO for mass mayhem and astronomical abductions.

In IGN's first playthrough they had access to every weapon in the game, with favorites being the classic blaster - quite shocking - and the zombie gun. On PS2 the controls will stay entirely traditional, while Wii brings in the IR/analog combination found in other third-person games already on the system. The IR precision is certainly a huge selling point on Wii, as you can move and aim with quick flicks of the wrist. You'll also have access to tons of alien powers, each made more immersive on Wii with simple motion - grab a human and then flick your wrist to chuck them, or swing your Wii-mote hand around to bash them into other objects.

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