TGH: Asphalt 3D Review

TGH Writes: Who remembers Asphalt? It’s basically a racing game that has been around for quite some time now. Developed by Gameloft, it has found home on many different platforms including; the N-Gage, DS, PSP, Android, IPhone, and now the newly Nintendo 3DS in Asphalt 3D. Asphalt 3D has a lot to live up to as both a launch title for the new platform and the newly released Asphalt 6 for IPhone. So does Asphalt 3D live up to previous Asphalt games? Or does it fall short of the finish line? Find out in this review of Asphalt 3D.

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ShadyDevil2780d ago

At least it appears there is no sequel coming for consoles.